5 TIPS to Express RED in Your Fall Wardrobe

I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I have. I've went golfing, kayaking, and biking, and having a blast in summer fun clothing. 

The stores are readily changing over into fall clothing so if you're looking for some great summer sales, now is the time. 

For those of you who are ready to step into the new season and the lusciousness of fall clothing - have you thought about what you might add? I l believe in being intentional. Having a plan and clarity can take your shopping experience from overwhelm to enjoyable.

When transitioning into a new season, I like to think about what worked well last year or maybe what do you wish you had or felt was missing? 

Maybe it's a new silhouette, a new neutral or accent color, additional accessories? I know many of my clients are enjoying the addition of navy with so many years of all black. 

For Fall, I would like to introduce you to Grenadine, one of Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Fall. Grenadine, an off-shoot of the RED family is definitely trending. You will see many varieties of Grenadine... blue reds, some a little more burgundy and possibly a little amber. 

RED positively gets you noticed when you walk into a room. It attracts others to you without saying a word. Want to captivate an audience instantly - wear RED.

Below is my new Eva Varro sweater jacket from DivaLani Style, a new boutique in Bellevue, WA. https://www.facebook.com/divalani.style/


5 TIPS To Elevate & Express RED in Your 2017 Fall Wardrobe!

Tip #1

RED can be a powerful non-verbal color. Have you ever thought of using Color as a tool? You can express yourself just by wearing a particular color. Color carries with it a universal symbol.

RED: Exciting, energizing, sexy, passionate, powerful, courageous, assertive, adventurous, motivating

BRICK RED: Earthy, warm, strong, sturdy, established

DEEP RED: Rich, elegant, refined, expensive, mature, luxurious, robust



Tip #2

A Skirt Or Blouse is a great way to add a pop of RED. The skirt becomes the focal point of your outfit. The blouse becomes the accent to your neutral jacket or pant.


Tip #3

Don't forget that RED pairs beautifully with many neutral shades such as black, charcoal, navy, camel, deep greens or taupe to name a few.

Tip #4

Not a huge fan of Red? Add one RED accessory with your neutral outfit.


Tip #5 Click below to view more options on Expressing your Style with RED (and details of the above pieces). 

Click: https://hueandstripe.com/catalog/159H&SJe4h


1. A NEW way to work with Definitive Style by Annette Bond: Virtual "MORE ALIVE WITH COLOR" Master Class.  www.annettebond.com

Coming Soon!!

2. Save the Date! Upcoming Workshop on Saturday, October 14th / 10-4pm - Uplevel Your Life With Purpose, Passion and Style! Presented by Annette Bond and Laurie Nichols.

RED is a fun, effortless way to update this season whether you're adding to your core basics or accessories.


What Level Do You Dress? Good, Better, or Best?

Recently I was featured on "STORY U TALK RADIO", Discover Your Voice and Tell Your Story. 

We had a conversation on, "what is your story when it comes to your personal image?"

Listen to interview here

Are you aware that the clothing you choose to wear tells a story about who you are? 

As we began our conversation, Debby, the host shared her 3 levels of dress that she has experienced over the last few years. I thought you might relate.

Her level One was "pleasure", comfy and cozy, it's like having your morning coffee. Putting on a pair of yoga pants and t-shirt. You feel good.

Debby's level Two was she needs a coordinated outfit for today's meeting and she has 3 minutes to make it happen. She puts on her pink jacket and black pants and grabs her pearl necklace. It's easy, it works, she's out the door and feels pretty good. 

And then there is level Three. Real joy. An outfit that makes you smile. You feel like a million bucks. An outfit that has the comfy and coordinated look but so much more. 

Feeling comfortable in your clothing is important whether in your yoga pants or power jacket. 

A put-together outfit that has "intention." 

How do I want my audience to perceive me today? 

What do I want my audience to know about me? 

It expresses You. It's in sync with your day of business. It shares your voice and story. The confidence, passion and anticipation you're feeling for the day. 

It's a part of who you are. Your branding. The value you bring to the table. Your authenticity. our confidence. 

It says you care when you show up.

Level Three requires planning ahead, having a style strategy and possibly organizing your clothes a day or two ahead of time. 

Level Three is your "Powerful First Impression" clothing choice that says GREAT not just good. 

If you're feeling that you don't have it "all together" and would LOVE to show up at Level Three - let's have a conversation.

What Does Speaking Style Have To Do With Personal Style?

I knew something wasn't quite right. I needed a professional opinion. 

She looked over my handout, called me and said, "some of it is good but much of this doesn't sound like you". You would never speak to me about my style like that. 

My heart sunk, I knew it was true. I was trying to please the event organizer and wasn't being 100% authentic to who Annette Bond was. 

Debby told me to "stand confident" in my content. 

Because when I do, I will speak from my heart about what I believe and teach.

What I love about Debby, is she knows me. She wants me to reveal the Annette Bond definitive writing & speaking Style

Debby also shared, that while the event organizer was well-intended with her guidelines and suggestions, I needed to discern if what she suggested was elevating or diminishing my style of speaking. 

What I realized, Debby was coaching me on what I literally share with my clients. I thought dahhhh. 

We can get consumed of what others think of us that we lose sight of who we really are. 

So the moral of the story is...you need to listen to yourself. Know your strengths and stand confidently and strong in who you are. Trust yourself.

Feeling that sense of comfort that you are in your element speaks volumes.

You can only then "Reveal Your Radiance" for others to see the beauty of who you really are.

As I tell my clients, I want you to feel sooo confident in your outfit that you forget about what you're wearing so you can go out and do what you do best. 

I'm your Debby when it comes to personal style.

We all need those special people around us that make us better.

Great Style Has No Size

When you get dressed in the morning is your mind going toward black pants, black skirt, black jacket, black shirt? It goes with everything right?

Did you know that relying on neutrals to be the foundation of your wardrobe is a good thing? But there are other options. Such as adding navy, taupe, light gray, charcoal gray, camel, khaki, brown, and burgundy to name a few. 

One of my favorite neutrals this season is navy. 

  • What I like about navy is it is a nice alternative to black. 
  • It is a softer version of black. 
  • It goes with ALL the same colors that black coordinates with.

A Polished Jacket in Navy

TIP!  Navy blazer's are seasonless and always make you feel put together, even when you're wearing something simple.

TIP! Make sure the cut and style of the jacket are congruent with your body type.

Dark Wash Jeans in Navy

These could be black or navy. Everyone needs that one pair of jeans that makes them feel amazing. 

TIP! The darker the wash the more polished your jeans will look. 

I love the NYDJ - they help with concealing the tummy area while allowing you to move freely with the added lycra.

Going More Casual...A Navy Espadrille

TIP! Espadrilles are great option for dressing up a pair of jeans or shorts and dressing down a summer skirt or dress. 

TIP! Add them to your bright colors as your New Navy neutral. 

I find that changing ONE element in your wardrobe each season can provide the inspired refresh that you've been looking for.

5 TIPS To Rock Your Summer Business Casual Wardrobe

Warm summer days can sometimes signify a more casual look at times. We tend to see more skin. Bare legs. Bare arms. Sleeveless dresses. Fewer jackets. Opened toe shoes. 

It can be confusing how much skin should you show or how casual can you dress without comprising your professionalism. 

The image consultant catalog of rules says that if you break a rule or two you're OK but if you break too many rules you lose your look. 

Are you going to show off your neckline, arms or legs. Doing all three - eludes too much skin. Especially if you work in a male dominated environment. 

My Business Casual philosophy: A comfortably relaxed version of classic business attire, with no sacrifice of professionalism or personal power.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is Confidence. 

If you have a tinge of hesitancy if you're dressed appropriately, I suggest taking one last look in your FULL length mirror to make sure you're not sacrificing your personal power.

Lets explore some ways to feel lighter in your dress without comprising professionalism.

5 Ways to Rock Your Summer Business Casual Look!

#1 TIP Add a lighter color - pastels in blue, white, beige, the new blush pink. Or it may be just one pastel wardrobe piece you add with black or navy. 

#2 TIP Add a classy sandal to complete your professional pulled together look.


#3 TIP My favorite pantyhose. If covering your legs is a must for you try the Donna Karen / The Nudes hosiery that are toeless or sheer. 

The Nudes give your legs a polished professional look without looking like you're wearing pantyhose.

#4 TIP Focus on your accessories with a great simple sheath dress.

#5 TIP Add a sweater or jacket for those important business meetings. Jackets always add authority.

 Have an incredibly stylish summer.

Fashion Feng Shui Workshop

You're Exclusively Invited to My Intimate Fashion Feng Shui Workshop

Saturday, May 20th / 10am-3pm / Sammamish, WA

  • I am personally inviting you to my Fashion Feng Shui workshop!
  • Have you ever had an important event coming up and wondering what to wear?
  • Would you love to have a wardrobe that is aligned with how you want to show up and be seen? A wardrobe that gives you confidence?
  • A wardrobe that brings you compliments?
  • A wardrobe that is comfortable?
  • A wardrobe that is aligned and supports your goals and desires?



“To the Woman Who Desires To Be the Leading Lady in Her Own Life”

What is Fashion Feng Shui: Dressing Your Whole Self from the Inside-Out

You are the sum of your parts – spirit, mind, and body. When you address every aspect of yourself – spiritual, mental and physical you are able to create a wardrobe that is fulfilling, flattering and functional.

Fashion Feng Shui is a Transformation Triad

Fashion Feng Shui


This Workshop Accesses:

Your Essence

By consciously honoring your essence in your clothing choices, you communicate your authentic self to others.

Self-confidence requires authenticity. Your essence aligns with your core values and innate traits.

Who are you – what makes you tick. What is most important to you? Are your values being expressed in your life?

Your Intention

Defines your ideal self – who would you be if there were no limits

When you dress with purpose, your clothes are supporting you and serving you in life.

By dressing with design elements that align with your hopes and dreams you naturally magnetize your appearance and attract these desires into your life.

Your Appearance

Your appearance aligns with your body’s natural coloring and body shape.

When the energy of your clothing is in harmony with your physical self, your attire naturally flatters you and your personal style communicates confidence.

Conscious clothing choices communicates personal harmony and naturally creates an attractive presence.


How-to dress with style, confidence and ease without having to worry about age, shape or size!

  1. By understanding your FFS Triad you will be begin to understand what colors, styles, shapes, and design elements are in perfect harmony with the real you. Why you are attracted to certain pieces more than others. And why you don’t like certain styles and colors.
  2. You’ll learn how to incorporate your essence into every outfit you wear so others see your authenticness which ultimately communicates confidence.
  3. Uncover your ideal self and how you want to show up in the world and what does that look like in your clothing choices.
  4. How to attract your dreams and desires into your life with what you wear.
  5. A personalized More Alive With Color consultation – discover your Colortime Palette™
  6. Learn the psychology of color and how to use it as a tool to attract more into your life.
  7. Understand what styles flatter your body type.
  8. Learn how to shop with ease and purpose – what to say yes to and what to say no to.
  9. How to feel comfortable and confident every time you get dressed.
  10. And finally, leave with a vision to “Reveal Your Radiance” while building your dream wardrobe that exudes confidence.

I can't wait to see you there! ONLY 3 Spots Left!!


Style vs. Salary: Does Your Appearance Impact Your Career

I just read an article published by payscale.com.

Does Your Appearance Impact Your Career?

The data says yes.

Payscale surveyed 34,000 employees in November 2016-January 2017 and asked “Which of the following best describes your company dress code?”

  • Business formal (tie + jacket for men, pant- or skirt-suits for women)
  • We have specific work uniforms
  • Casual (The Zuckerberg – anything goes within reason)
  • Business casual (no jeans, sneakers, flip flops, etc.)

They found that if you want to make the big bucks you're likely dressing up a bit more for work - relating to the financial or insurance industry.

Companies that have a "business formal dress code" have the highest median salary. (the survey included financial and insurance industry)


Business casual dress had the 2nd highest median salary.

When broken down by the income-level of workers, they found that a business casual dress code dominated every level of income and across a multitude of industries.


TIP! Adding the orange and poke-a-dot skirt just gave the look a little more playfulness and less formal.

I remember being taught years ago that even though you work from home, you should still dress up like you're going into the office. Why, it effects your frame of mind.

Possibly more confident while talking on the phone with clients?


I love the subject of confidence.

You may have had an experience when you "nailed" "your style" whether it was for work or maybe a date night.

You know how you felt.

How others reacted to you.

The compliments you received.

And how it made you feel.

Over the top C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T...am I right?

Bottom line: I believe you need to walk out the door each morning feeling CONFIDENT in your dress so you can forget about what you're wearing and do what you do best.

TIP! Are you consciously using your clothing and grooming, especially when dressed down, as valuable business assets and high-powered tools to propel you toward greater success?

Hi I’m Annette!

As a certified Personal Image consultant, color expert and Fashion Feng Shui facilitator I am dedicated to helping you reveal your radiance and dress with style and intentionality for your professional lifestyle. 

I am passionate about supporting you so that age, shape, or size are no longer in the way while aligning your style with the real you.  So you can walk into the world with more confidence and make a great first impression that is authentically yours!

Do You Feel Like You Need a New Wardrobe?

I was at Tempo and Nordstrom in Bellevue, WA this week picking up spring clothing to showcase at my speaking engagement for the Overlake Hospital Auxiliary group.

I think I am like a kid in a toy store loving all the new colors, styles and accessories that are out for spring.

One of the tips I will be shared with the ladies is, what do you have in your closet from last year (that is last spring) that really worked for you? Vs. feeling like you need an entire new wardrobe.

A piece that you felt confident in.

Maybe you received a lot of compliments.

It fit really well.

It became a great go-to-piece.

Maybe it was a great pair of pants or sweater.


Pull a piece from your closet and ask yourself, how can I refresh this piece with a new color, an accessory, or what do I need to add to give it that Spring 2017 current feel?

Check, Stripes, Floral, Stripe & Floral mixed, Check and Floral mixed - Have FUN with your new spring pieces.

Confidence - begin with a wardrobe piece that you already feel confident in.

ONE piece- take ONE piece and add your uniqueness.

If you've thought about the two of us working together in the past and know it's your time....

I am planning a small intimate Fashion Feng Shui hands on training session at my home in Sammamish, WA for 8 magnificent ladies who truly desire to Reveal Your Radiance. I'm excited to announce that I have set a date for this one-of-a-kind workshop.

 If you would like to be considered for one of the 8 spots, let me know below. 

The date will be Saturday, May 20th from 10-3pm.

The Secrets Of Working With An Image Consultant


Going into Annette’s Definitive Style program I was completely uneducated in style.   

I had left Microsoft where I could dress casually and started my own business, Solutions for Impact LLC where I needed to dress highly professional.  After 10 years of being at Microsoft,

I found that I needed an entirely different wardrobe and to be educated in how to put together great outfits that were still “me” and understand which ones were best for specific meetings or events. 

Then I met Annette Bond.  I signed up for and completed her Signature Program and am amazed that I went from one end of the spectrum to the other extreme end.

My experience and journey with her has been incredibly valuable and educational.  Through my 18+ years of working with executives at Fortune 100 companies, I have been blessed with experiences that have given me very strong business acumen.  

To prove a point, I humbly tell you that I have won global awards for my best practices and other companies have adopted them since they are so impactful.  Given this, as a business professional I feel strong about the value I bring. 

Before working with Annette, my external appearance didn’t match or reflect that value or who I truly am at the core

Through working with her and learning, I now have the tools and knowledge needed to consistently ensure that my external image is aligned with what I have to offer. 

It has enabled me to build a stronger brand and feel more confident about how I look and “show up.” 

I’m not distracted by items that don’t fit correctly or are what I think I should wear but don’t feel like “me” or wondering if I choose the right outfit for the occasion. 

I feel and am more empowered.  

For the first time, I humbly tell you that I consistently get positive comments on my outfits. 

I say “Thank you. Have you heard of Annette Bond?” since it is all due to her.  In fact, I think I have become better at giving an elevator pitch about her offerings than my own.  When I truly believe in something, I want everyone to know about it so they too can experience it and gain all the positive benefits. 

I am so glad I invested in myself early in starting my own business by signing up for Annette’s Signature Program.  I completed it just in time to publicly launch Solutions for Impact LLC.  It is an understatement to say it has been well worth all the time and money I spent to improve my image. 

I was excited about everything the program promised to deliver.  In the end, it actually delivered 2-3 times the value I expected (and I have high standards). 

As a side note, Annette runs her business in such an extremely professional way that it is obvious that she pays attention to every detail of what she provides in the client experience. 

She made me feel like royalty

If you are a business owner and pay attention to the way she runs her business, it is like having a mentor teaching you best practices.  I was lucky enough to get the benefits from both perspectives.

A public note to Annette specifically – Thank you for a fun, professional and educational experience.  You provided more value and impact than I will ever be able to articulate to you. 

Thank you for choosing a career where you provide such an incredible service that really does make a difference in people’s lives – how they feel about and represent themselves.

Empowering people is a key component of both of our business and it feels amazing to be on the receiving end of that.  The results of our work together on my image has already had an impact on my business since I have been able to use it as a tool when meeting with clients and presenting at seminars. 

I will truly miss our time together but always have your voice in my head guiding me as I think “What would Annette do?” 

Hi I’m Annette!

As a certified Personal Image consultant, color expert and Fashion Feng Shui facilitator I am dedicated to helping you reveal your radiance and dress with style and intentionality for your professional lifestyle. 

I am passionate about supporting you so that age, shape, or size are no longer in the way while aligning your style with the real you.  So you can walk into the world with more confidence and make a great first impression that is authentically yours!

How Adding 5 Clothing Pieces Can Feel Like an Entirely NEW Wardrobe

My second “closet” session where Annette and I put outfits and accessories together using my own items was just as valuable as the first.  Since we had gone shopping during the last session, we had new items that were needed to supplement what I was previously missing. 

I couldn’t believe all of the additional great outfits she was able to create given she had already put together so many in the first session.  There were numerous times that I was taken aback and “wow’d” at how she took what I considered to be my old, boring clothes and put them together in an impactful way. 


It is so nice to be really excited about my clothes again. It is like I have an entirely new wardrobe, although I only purchased 5 items.

1.Navy pant 2. Camel pant 3. Blue jacket 4. Navy skirt 5. Coral scarf

As Annette continued putting together fabulous outfits, she taught me style tips and tricks throughout.  I was learning so much that I took 4 pages of valuable notes.



It feels so great to feel empowered with the knowledge to apply all of this on my own in the future as a business owner. 

I’m so glad that I decided to do this now rather than wait since I can start realizing all of the benefits today instead of a few years from now.  The best part is that I really do feel that everything Annette has done (specific clothing, accessories, and makeup) does truly reflect who I am.  It feels so good to not only feel good about how I am dressed but that it is 100% me. 

My “look” is truly aligned with the brand I want to reflect as the Founder and Solutions Consultant for my business, Solutions for Impact, LLC.   This has been such a valuable experience. 

Thanks to Annette’s great explanations and the way she naturally teaches, I have been able to apply everything she has shared. 

I’ve gone to the extent that I proactively put up two hooks in my closet so I can assemble and review outfits and accessories before I finalize what I’m going to wear.  It really helps give me a different perspective of the “look” and is nice not to continually change my clothes until I get it right.  To prove a point, I humbly tell you that I literally now get compliments every single day. 

2nd put together outfit.jpeg


I have really enjoyed getting to know and working with Annette. She is always 100% professional, very kind, easy to be around and fun.  

I can’t but help love her approach since it aligns with the key aspects of the services Solutions for Impact, LLC provides to clients – “realistic, actionable, easy to manage, sustainable and impactful.”  It is pretty amazing to be on the other side of that as a client. 

Like always, I cannot wait until our next session!

Hi I’m Annette!

As a certified Personal Image consultant, color expert and Fashion Feng Shui facilitator I am dedicated to helping you reveal your radiance and dress with style and intentionality for your professional lifestyle. 

I am passionate about supporting you so that age, shape, or size are no longer in the way while aligning your style with the real you.  So you can walk into the world with more confidence and make a great first impression that is authentically yours!

Shopping With Hannah, Client Case Study

Just before Christmas Hannah and I met for our shopping session. 

Main areas I help my clients with:

Align your personal image with the "real you" - what are your best colors, styles for your body type, personality, lifestyle and does it fit properly. 



One of my goals was to work on proportion. Hannah has an "inverted triangle" body shape and is 5'4". 

Tip! The circle skirt gave her movement and the fabric was super comfortable - aspects that are important to Hannah.  

Tip! The circle skirt is a nice balance to her shoulders and showed off her toned athletic legs. 

Tip! The peplum top gave balance to her hips and smoothed over her stomach area nicely. 

Tip! The monochromatic of navy and white gave her an elongated look. She will be adding navy tights and black shoes. 




I am halfway through the Signature Program and have already transformed how I think about "style", as well as how I look and feel. 
Now, every day I easily apply what Annette has taught me using style as a tool.  To prove a point, I humbly share that I am getting a lot of compliments.  The best part?  All I am doing is applying what I am learning from Annette with existing clothes, jewelry, and makeup.  
I really believe that the style tools I now have can be used strategically to give my business, Solutions for Impact, a competitive advantage.

Second main area I help my clients with:

What do you have in your closet that is already working and what are the missing gaps?

Hannah had two black pants, one navy legging style and one red trouser. 

TIP! Add an additional neutral to Hannah's wardrobe. We are adding a camel/latte' color straight leg pants and blue tone in the jacket. The latte' and blue will go beautifully with her existing accent colors of teal, red and coral. 




In advance, Annette asked me for the names of stores where I like to shop. I really appreciated this since it reinforces what she says about honoring her clients, which also means honoring their price points. 
From working in my closet and asking detailed questions, Annette knows exactly what I like and dislike about clothes including look, fit, material, pattern, etc.  
She wowed me again by going shopping in advance and putting clothes for me to consider/try on hold. This made it so efficient and easy.
I loved the clothes she picked - they were absolutely "me."  There was no pressure to buy at any point (she doesn't get a commission or kickback from any stores).  
As I tried various items, she quickly learned then taught me which aspects work or don't work for me.  
She explained how to buy items keeping in mind the existing clothes I have and my personal signature colors.  This way, I continue to expand the number of outfits I can make without needing a large amount of clothes. 
Now when I go shopping on my own, I can easily look at an item and know if it will be flattering or not, as well as how many more outfits I can make with it. 
Like every session, I left energized and excited for the next one.

TIP!  We found a pant at Talbots, a slimmer leg that fits her body type. She purchased latte' and navy - great basics that will work well with her earth red jacket and latte' sweater.  *If you have slimmer legs - stay away from curvy style 

Part three of the process. Is your story congruent with how you're currently dressing? 

What story do you want to tell with an important business interaction ...creative, growth, supportive, organized? 

Do you have outfits that support your desire to "feel and look like a million bucks"?

Do you need to get rid of clothing in your closet because you're not who you were 5, 10 years ago? 

Do you need to add additional pieces to up-level your image?

I truly believe that Annette already "gets" me and am really looking forward to our next session together.~ Hannah 

Hello, I’m Annette Bond a Certified Personal Image Consultant! I am all about helping you “reveal your radiance”, dressing authentically and intentionally for your everyday business interactions. I am passionate about you becoming more style-confident without age, shape or size getting in the way.

When I’m not off working with my one-on-one clients to re-fresh their closets or personal shopping, I’m hanging out on online revealing my voice for “Reveal Your Radiance blog”, so you can walk into the world with more confidence and success.

I am passionate about teaching howto build a successful wardrobe that works for your business lifestyle.

Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn 

My Journey with Hannah, a Client Case Study

Session #2 with Hannah:


Wow!  My eyeglass session with Annette completely exceeded my expectations. When I arrived at the specialty store, she had already collaborated with the expert there.  

Using all the information Annette had finalized and understood about me specifically up to that point (signature colors, makeup look, my style likes/dislikes, who I am at the core and how I want to come off to others), 

Annette had already picked several glasses to try.  I arrived with a warm, genuinely excited welcome from both of them.  They already had the glasses sitting out, ready to try on. Perhaps this is what royalty feels like?  

I always appreciate that Annette educates me along the way as to what works and doesn't work, and why. 

It's so empowering. She always leaves me craving more since I am learning so much and immediately able to apply it.  I can't wait until the next session!

TIP!  Hannah also chose a burgundy red frame, remember RED is one of her favorite colors. In addition to a gray/slate rectangle shape for her get down to business look. 

 TIP!  You can choose a very neutral frame to wear with all your outfits or use your glasses as an accessory. 

Client Case Study, Meet Hannah


You may be wondering, what does an online course look like?

I will be giving you a glimpse inside the course over the next few weeks and what you will experience in the Reveal Your Radiance…30 Days to Dressing for Success.

But first we’re going to talk about WHY you would want to take the course. I will be sharing how I work with clients and you can decide if this is a good fit for you.

I mentioned last week that I would be sharing a "case study" on a new client that I am working with. I am thrilled to share this process and more excited that Hannah has agreed to take this journey with me and share her story with you.

Meet Hannah P., the owner of Solutions for Impact, LLC.

Hannah has worked in corporate America for the past 18 years and most recently Microsoft. Employees at Microsoft may dress as casually as they like, so needless to say she got into a habit of wearing easy, comfortable clothing without needing to worry or think about a traditional professional imageFast forward to the present where she is a business owner working with clients and other businesses, and therefore needs to completely overhaul how she dresses to portray the right professional image. 

For context, here is a little about Hannah’s business.

Solutions for Impact is passionate about empowering business professionals at all levels and owners to grow their businesses and improve performance through consulting, coaching, and training. 

Solutions for Impact differentiates itself by providing solutions that are realistic, actionable, easy to manage, sustainable and impact the bottom line. 

 They also educate clients throughout the engagement, empowering them to build and execute their own solutions in the future. 

Their solutions enable business professionals and organizations locally and globally to increase revenue (secure more clients, increase loyalty, expand markets and innovate), decrease costs (improve productivity and effectiveness, get results faster and do more with less), improve brand image and gain a competitive advantage.

 Upon meeting Hannah, she shared her struggles and objectives of us working together:


·        Finding comfortable professional attire is must!

·        I don’t want to be distracted or fussing with my clothing or accessories.

·        How do I mix and match correctly?

·        How do I know if it actually goes together?

·        Help me to understand how to dress at the right level without feeling like I have to be overly conservative.   

·        I want simple, yet stylish pieces that reflect who I am.

·        I know the value I offer intellectually and also want to feel like my clothes represent me.

·        How do I align my image with my “brand”?

·        I want to “show up” as the best version of myself in every way.

·        I want a makeup routine that isn’t a complicated or time-consuming process but looks professional.


 Many people ask me, "What does an image consultant do?"

 Are you going to come in my closet and throw everything out? 

 Are you like the… fashion police?

Let’s take a peek into Hannah’s journey where you will learn more about how I coach and teach my clients to be the BEST version of themselves.

Hannah: Before our first session, I had a phone meeting with Annette so she could understand more about who I am, including specific words that describe me at the core.  

Using this information and her expertise, Annette guided me in finding the color palette and key signature colors that compliment my eyes, hair and skin, as well as match the person I am at the core.

 I assumed my color consult would be as simple as picking a few colors I love and that are flattering with my skin. Very quickly, I realized that what Annette offers is really an art that goes in far more depth than I would have imagined.

Annette educated me along the way and showed me the true power of color. I now see it through an entirely new lens. 

In just one session, I have a very different understanding of “style.”  Annette customizes every aspect for each individual person so they feel the most true to themselves and that they have brought out their best aspects (internally and externally). 

 I truly believe that Annette already “gets” me and am really looking forward to our next sessions together.

                                                                             BEFORE PICTURE



Annette had me bring my existing makeup to the session.  I really appreciate this approach since we weren’t starting from scratch requiring an entire new makeup collection.

She showed me how to apply it to be the most flattering for my features.

Hannah loves RED – that tells me a lot about someone. Hannah is draped with the Earth Red swatch.

We tempered the redness in her skin and warmed it up with her new color palette – Sunset. We also added a new lipstick color that went beautifully with her color palette and skin tone.

I taught Hannah how to utilize the color wheel when using her eye, hair and clothing colors to be more Impactful. (part of her business name)

                                                                             AFTER PICTURE

Join me next week with Hannah as we:

·        Select updated Glasses

·        Have our closet visit – where we will talk more about color combinations, create outfits that are in harmony with her body type and coloring, find her missing gaps that are hindering her from optimizing her wardrobe and document the “go to outfits” for specific business interactions. 

Reveal Your Radiance...30 Days to Dressing for Success


 The time has come. 

I am approaching my 6 year anniversary with Definitive Style by Annette Bond.  Since conception in January 2011, my vision has been to add an invaluable online service to my offerings but I didn't know exactly what it would look like. 

 I have been waiting patiently and the time is now.

 With today's technology the time is now to step into the world of online and utilize this opportunity to touch more lives and give you the convenience to learn from the comfort of your home.  I am so excited to bring this invaluable new tool to you.

 An Online Personal Style Course is coming January 9, 2017.  More info to come. 

 Reveal Your Radiance...30 Days to Dressing for Success

 I pulled out some old journals to reminisce what I was thinking prior to debuting Definitive Style. I learned that not a lot has changed to where I am currently today.

 I have always had a passion for sharing my gift of helping others to dress they're best, that is be the very best version of you.

 Educating on how to wear color so that it compliments your natural coloring and the psychology associated with each color. 

 Keeping my followers current and educated with the new styles each season through my monthly newsletter.

 And sharing my expertise in make-up application from my Mary Kay days. I wanted to bring all my gifts to one place by helping the entire woman - in 2011 Definitive Style by Annette Bond was conceptualized.

 I discovered early in life that God wired me to help others look and feel more beautiful. 

 He also wired me to work with women, of which I have been doing for the past 30 years. (I do work with men on a referral basis)

 This past year I have begun using a new tagline, Reveal Your Radiance. What I realized is that yes, I help others style amazing outfits but what brings me to "my happy place" is seeing others begin to see themselves as more beautiful and confident than ever before.

 We uncover the "real you" and allow you to shine in your own way.

 What I have learned is that we all ultimately thrive when we can feel comfortable in our own skin, forget about what we're wearing and do what we do best. That is my objective with every client.

 When I began the vision for Definitive Style I told myself that I was only going to operate from my strengths.  I continue to make that a priority today.  Since 2011, I can proudly say that I have definitely grown as an image expert and entrepreneurial business woman.

 Since 2011 I have invested in myself to be the very best image expert, so I can serve you with excellence.

  • Certified Color Image Consultant with More Alive With Color since 1985
  • I studied with Brenda Kinsel, a 30 year veteran in the image business, 2011-2014
  • Certified as a Corporate Image Consultant in 2015 
  • Certified in Menswear Apparel in 2015. 
  • Certified with the Association of International Image  
  • Consultants, AICI CIC - 2016 
  • Most recently, Certified as a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator - 2016. 

 As you can see you're in good hands with training and qualifications.  I may be an image expert, but my true passion is to lead and guide you to understand "who you are" and empower you to be you.

 I help you to Reveal Your Radiance. We go on a journey together and I walk you through a process that allows you to uncover all that's been waiting to shine.

 Mirroring back the naturalness that is already there such as your beautiful golden hair or sparkly blue eyes.

 It's my job to help you discover all the treasures you have hidden and let you shine brighter.

 I also believe in respecting and loving yourself first. If you can't accept your body then you will never accept how beautiful you are. I have found myself working with so many body types especially those who hated shopping because they thought they could never find anything that fit.

 I believe in looking at the entire picture of who you are. Your image tells a story about who you are and I'm there to make sure were telling the right story.  

 And last being purposeful and intentional on how you show up every day. 

 Did you know that your image is a tool that you have complete control over? 

 You can use your image to influence business interactions just like you do a good communication.

 I invite you on my journey over this next month to learn a little more of what I do and how I work with my clients.  I am excited to share a case study with you beginning next week, so stayed tuned.  

 In the meantime, I wanted to share my before/after picture, all I can say is, "I LOVE the woman I'm becoming. 

 I love the learning, the growing and best of all I get to share it ALL with YOU!

2011 - My first head shot. My most recent in 2016

Reveal Your Radiance with COLOR

dusty cedar 2016.PNG

Dressing with Color

If you’ve ever heard me speak or we’ve worked together, you’ve most likely heard me talk about, “how do you want to show up?”  That is, how do you want others to perceive you? How do you want to be interpreted at that moment? You may be asking what do you mean. Can’t I just speak and they’ll understand me? Yes and no.

Our non-verbal image speaks louder than you may think.

 Before you actually open your mouth, our little brains are going a hundred miles an hour trying to interpret WHY you wore those craze pink pants? What’s with the wild print? Why’s she so dressed up, going to an interview? Malcolm Gladwell calls it thin slicing and our brains are naturally try to interpret what images mean. Yes, first impressions comes in that category.

It doesn’t mean it has to be negative but others naturally fill in the blanks with their interpretation.

Our Intentions can change from the morning to the evening. Maybe for one event. Maybe for a season.

Being a Certified Color Consultant, I love the power of color and how we can use it as a tool.

How do you feel when you see others wearing:

Black or Dark Navy Blue – strong, sophisticated, reflective

Green and Blue – motivator, determined, competitive

Red and Purple – charisma, passionate, love of life

Yellow or Brown tones –loyal, committed, predictable

White or Pastels or Metallic – quality, expert, simple

 What one word do you want others to think of you when they see you? Think about you? Associate with you?

Are your intentions congruent with your one word? And then is your one word congruent with your colors?

Dressing Your Essence

J`'envie Clothing - available at www.tempoclothing.com

J'envie clothing - available at  www.tempoclothing.com

J'envie clothing - available at www.tempoclothing.com


Dressing Your Essence, Reveal Your Radiance

Recently I was browsing the internet looking to see what others were saying about style for the Over 50 Woman.  I came across several YouTube videos by How To.com and About.com that I thought no wonder women are so confused. There were tips such as only wear solids, do not wear a shawl collar because that signifies you are old. Make sure you wear only very classic looks.

What I found is nothing about the “real you”, only age. 

I don't know what age I was when I discovered very early on what I liked and didn't like in my style.  I could look in the mirror and say yes or no quickly.  There was a look I was going for. I became very intentional and purposeful on the pieces I chose.

Most of what we learn is to "dress with the fashion" or "dress for success".  It's not wrong, just confusing as we sift through all the information. 

We as women are multi-faceted and I believe that is what our clothes should reveal.  Our clothing tells a story about who we. My passion is to help you tell that story, and reveal your radiance.

To begin Revealing Your Radiance, start with the essence of who you are. What pieces of clothing do you love in your wardrobe? What pieces do you forget about as you're wearing them because they're just part of who you are? What pieces give you complete confidence? Make you walk taller? Speak a little more boldly? And maybe draw the eye of everyone in the room?

Clothes that make you feel "in your element."

It might be the style, the color, the silhouette?

1.  Are those pieces dark colors, fluid fabrics, artistic or asymmetric shapes?

2. Are those pieces casual styling, sporty, natural fabrics, green or blue?

3. Are those pieces bright colors, dramatic, red or purple?

4.  Are those pieces earth tones, textured fabrics, classic styling

5. Are those pieces elegant, polished fabrics, curved shapes, pale or metallic colors?

 Identify if you are a dominant 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

 The next time you're choosing an outfit make sure one of those specific elements are part of your outfit.

Have you noticed you love uniqueness in the detail of a jacket? Maybe the cut is just a little different and that is what attracted you. If you know you like a pinch of drama it could be your red lipstick or fuchsia pumps. Your sportiness could be a pair of pants vs. a skirt. Your metallic could be in the shoes or a jewel neckline vs. a V-neck.  Have you noticed you love texture? It will also help you identify why you DON'T like about a certain piece.  Maybe "in your element" characteristics are missing that are special to you.

 As I mentioned above, we are multi-faceted and you may have several of the above elements in your outfit. Maybe all five.  But you have a dominant that allows you to Reveal Your Radiance and capture your essence.


Do You Have The Ugly Shoe Syndrome?

Create Comfortable Shoe Options


Comfortable shoes are such a hot topic for women over 50

I hear all the time, “I can’t find cute comfortable shoes”, and so I wear ugly shoes. I’m an image consultant and that statement makes me cringe (sorry girls). I have to admit that stylish shoes has always been important even though they are a little uncomfortable. Suck it up girls, I used to think.

Not until recently have I given in a bit.  With all the personal shopping I do for clients, the feet get grouchy to the point where they can make me tired. So, I have been on a mission over the last 4-6 months to search out what’s available in shoes that are cute, comfortable and NOT UGLY.

I have to admit the first time I walked into the Walking Company in Bellevue Square, I walked right back out and thought I can’t wear these shoes. I’m a stylish girl and I don’t care how comfortable they are I’m not wearing them. Well, as I said my values have changed over the last several months.

I came to the conclusion, I MUST have a comfortable shoe that I can walk in for hours while shopping for clients.

This last fall, I gave in. I went back to the Walking Company and came out with a pair of Raffini bootie shoes. OMG, these shoes changed my life, they had an arch support.  I soon found out that I could walk the mall for hours and tromp in downtown Seattle and my feet were feeling blissful.  I’m finding that every season they continue to come out with more styles and options for us girls over 50.

Unless I’m participating in a 2-hour special event or doing a speaking engagement I now refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes while I work.

I just bought my new spring sandals – Abeo, featuring a built in orthotic system.  They are wonderful! I tried on nearly every pair in the store until I found the right style and fit. Yes, I’m picky. But I use my philosophy that I share with all my clients, “don’t buy it unless you love it”!

What I’ve learned is there are brands that have built in arch support and then there are shoes that have a comfortable shoe bed. Many companies are offering “off the shelf orthotics” that you can slip into your shoes. A lot of stores carry them, find the right fit for you. I have a client that has customized orthotics and she puts them in all her Munro shoes – perfect for her.

I’ve also learned that if you find a brand that fits you well, go online to see other styles. Sometimes your only option is to order the shoes online, try them on a home and then return to your local store. Of course, Zappos is another option.

For the woman who is on her feet, is tired of the ugly shoe syndrome or distressed tootsies, you now have a stylish solution. I hope I given you a place to begin your journey in finding Cute, Comfortable Shoes!

(the above shoe options are from the Walking Company)

Annette Bond is a Personal Image Consultant

She works with professional men and women over 50 who feel ordinary, old or overweight. Annette helps them to reveal their radiance so they can become more of who they are and walk into the world with more confidence and success.

Are you the kind of person who wants to position themselves for success but are lacking confidence in the style department?

And, without a doubt, know you look impeccably "put together" and standout as a leader with confidence in your field?

If you're ready to have that kind of confidence I just described above, let's schedule a time to chat.  Life is too short to keep feeling frustrated every time you have to decide what looks good on you.

annette@annettebond.com or 425-868-1816

What Should You Wear on a Summer Date?


What Should You Wear on a Summer Date?

  • To an Art Gallery?

  • Dinner with Girlfriends?

  • A Patio Party?

Have you ever been shopping and gazed at a great dress or sandal and wondered, “where would I wear that”?  A summer occasion is the perfect opportunity to add that unexpected piece to your wardrobe.  I think it’s nice to have a few special pieces that you can have distinctively for your weekend gatherings.

This is a time to start building that “hot weather weekend wardrobe”. Spring clothing is on sale and summer apparel is in the stores full swing. You may want to experiment with a new color or silhouette.  If you’ve had your eye on a beautiful summer dress, it’s time to swoop it up and take your summer style up a notch.

Two Simple Ways To Update This Summer Season:


The Maxi Dress or Skirt

A silhouette you wouldn’t necessarily wear to work but a style that’s perfect for summer fun such as dinner dates with girlfriends or to a patio party. The maxi dress gives you a nice elongated look whether you’re short or tall. Don’t hesitate to hem the length to fit your height and shoes. You’re also going to love the ease it gives through the middle and best of all, this dress is so effortless to wear.

Update Your Sandals

I’m loving the color metallic. You will see it incorporated with nude, black, and taupe combination. It will add that glimmer of shimmer that takes your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Styles to look for:


The Cage Sandal

For those of you who like a little texture. Many times it comes with a wood heel, which is a little more informal and casual. Pair it with a dress, shorts, or pants. They are great with a solid color, adds a finishing touch of pizzazz.

The Ankle Strap

Gives a little more feminine feel for those of you who love the ladylike or elegance look. They are great with an ankle pant or dress.  An ankle strap sandal delivers the extra +1 for a classy chic presence.

The Mule

The mule is back, though more beautiful than ever. This is a great shoe for your casual cotton pants or long flowy maxi dress. If you dress "Seattle casual" for work, this is also a great alternative.

Have FUN with your summer style!

Annette Bond is a Personal Image Consultant

She works with professional men and women over 50 who feel ordinary, old or overweight. Annette helps them to reveal their radiance so they can become more of who they are and walk into the world with more confidence and success.

Are you the kind of person who wants to position themselves for success but are lacking confidence in the style department?

And, without a doubt, know you look impeccably "put together" and standout as a leader with confidence in your field?

If you're ready to have that kind of confidence I just described above, let's schedule a time to chat.  Life is too short to keep feeling frustrated every time you have to decide what looks good on you.

annette@annettebond.com or 425-868-1816