Shopping With Hannah, Client Case Study

Just before Christmas Hannah and I met for our shopping session. 

Main areas I help my clients with:

Align your personal image with the "real you" - what are your best colors, styles for your body type, personality, lifestyle and does it fit properly. 



One of my goals was to work on proportion. Hannah has an "inverted triangle" body shape and is 5'4". 

Tip! The circle skirt gave her movement and the fabric was super comfortable - aspects that are important to Hannah.  

Tip! The circle skirt is a nice balance to her shoulders and showed off her toned athletic legs. 

Tip! The peplum top gave balance to her hips and smoothed over her stomach area nicely. 

Tip! The monochromatic of navy and white gave her an elongated look. She will be adding navy tights and black shoes. 




I am halfway through the Signature Program and have already transformed how I think about "style", as well as how I look and feel. 
Now, every day I easily apply what Annette has taught me using style as a tool.  To prove a point, I humbly share that I am getting a lot of compliments.  The best part?  All I am doing is applying what I am learning from Annette with existing clothes, jewelry, and makeup.  
I really believe that the style tools I now have can be used strategically to give my business, Solutions for Impact, a competitive advantage.

Second main area I help my clients with:

What do you have in your closet that is already working and what are the missing gaps?

Hannah had two black pants, one navy legging style and one red trouser. 

TIP! Add an additional neutral to Hannah's wardrobe. We are adding a camel/latte' color straight leg pants and blue tone in the jacket. The latte' and blue will go beautifully with her existing accent colors of teal, red and coral. 




In advance, Annette asked me for the names of stores where I like to shop. I really appreciated this since it reinforces what she says about honoring her clients, which also means honoring their price points. 
From working in my closet and asking detailed questions, Annette knows exactly what I like and dislike about clothes including look, fit, material, pattern, etc.  
She wowed me again by going shopping in advance and putting clothes for me to consider/try on hold. This made it so efficient and easy.
I loved the clothes she picked - they were absolutely "me."  There was no pressure to buy at any point (she doesn't get a commission or kickback from any stores).  
As I tried various items, she quickly learned then taught me which aspects work or don't work for me.  
She explained how to buy items keeping in mind the existing clothes I have and my personal signature colors.  This way, I continue to expand the number of outfits I can make without needing a large amount of clothes. 
Now when I go shopping on my own, I can easily look at an item and know if it will be flattering or not, as well as how many more outfits I can make with it. 
Like every session, I left energized and excited for the next one.

TIP!  We found a pant at Talbots, a slimmer leg that fits her body type. She purchased latte' and navy - great basics that will work well with her earth red jacket and latte' sweater.  *If you have slimmer legs - stay away from curvy style 

Part three of the process. Is your story congruent with how you're currently dressing? 

What story do you want to tell with an important business interaction ...creative, growth, supportive, organized? 

Do you have outfits that support your desire to "feel and look like a million bucks"?

Do you need to get rid of clothing in your closet because you're not who you were 5, 10 years ago? 

Do you need to add additional pieces to up-level your image?

I truly believe that Annette already "gets" me and am really looking forward to our next session together.~ Hannah 

Hello, I’m Annette Bond a Certified Personal Image Consultant! I am all about helping you “reveal your radiance”, dressing authentically and intentionally for your everyday business interactions. I am passionate about you becoming more style-confident without age, shape or size getting in the way.

When I’m not off working with my one-on-one clients to re-fresh their closets or personal shopping, I’m hanging out on online revealing my voice for “Reveal Your Radiance blog”, so you can walk into the world with more confidence and success.

I am passionate about teaching howto build a successful wardrobe that works for your business lifestyle.

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