What Level Do You Dress? Good, Better, or Best?

Recently I was featured on "STORY U TALK RADIO", Discover Your Voice and Tell Your Story. 

We had a conversation on, "what is your story when it comes to your personal image?"

Listen to interview here

Are you aware that the clothing you choose to wear tells a story about who you are? 

As we began our conversation, Debby, the host shared her 3 levels of dress that she has experienced over the last few years. I thought you might relate.

Her level One was "pleasure", comfy and cozy, it's like having your morning coffee. Putting on a pair of yoga pants and t-shirt. You feel good.

Debby's level Two was she needs a coordinated outfit for today's meeting and she has 3 minutes to make it happen. She puts on her pink jacket and black pants and grabs her pearl necklace. It's easy, it works, she's out the door and feels pretty good. 

And then there is level Three. Real joy. An outfit that makes you smile. You feel like a million bucks. An outfit that has the comfy and coordinated look but so much more. 

Feeling comfortable in your clothing is important whether in your yoga pants or power jacket. 

A put-together outfit that has "intention." 

How do I want my audience to perceive me today? 

What do I want my audience to know about me? 

It expresses You. It's in sync with your day of business. It shares your voice and story. The confidence, passion and anticipation you're feeling for the day. 

It's a part of who you are. Your branding. The value you bring to the table. Your authenticity. our confidence. 

It says you care when you show up.

Level Three requires planning ahead, having a style strategy and possibly organizing your clothes a day or two ahead of time. 

Level Three is your "Powerful First Impression" clothing choice that says GREAT not just good. 

If you're feeling that you don't have it "all together" and would LOVE to show up at Level Three - let's have a conversation.