Reveal Your Radiance with COLOR

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Dressing with Color

If you’ve ever heard me speak or we’ve worked together, you’ve most likely heard me talk about, “how do you want to show up?”  That is, how do you want others to perceive you? How do you want to be interpreted at that moment? You may be asking what do you mean. Can’t I just speak and they’ll understand me? Yes and no.

Our non-verbal image speaks louder than you may think.

 Before you actually open your mouth, our little brains are going a hundred miles an hour trying to interpret WHY you wore those craze pink pants? What’s with the wild print? Why’s she so dressed up, going to an interview? Malcolm Gladwell calls it thin slicing and our brains are naturally try to interpret what images mean. Yes, first impressions comes in that category.

It doesn’t mean it has to be negative but others naturally fill in the blanks with their interpretation.

Our Intentions can change from the morning to the evening. Maybe for one event. Maybe for a season.

Being a Certified Color Consultant, I love the power of color and how we can use it as a tool.

How do you feel when you see others wearing:

Black or Dark Navy Blue – strong, sophisticated, reflective

Green and Blue – motivator, determined, competitive

Red and Purple – charisma, passionate, love of life

Yellow or Brown tones –loyal, committed, predictable

White or Pastels or Metallic – quality, expert, simple

 What one word do you want others to think of you when they see you? Think about you? Associate with you?

Are your intentions congruent with your one word? And then is your one word congruent with your colors?