Wish I had Found Annette 20 years ago!

This is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done for myself, and I would suggest Annette to anyone who wants to step up their game! Annette helped me transform my wardrobe from nice to “put together” and “polished.” She assessed my existing wardrobe, professional goals and weaved it all into a personalized style that can go anywhere.
— Rosalind B.

from Confused to Confident!

I had spent most of the year feeling frustrated by my overcrowded and unorganized closet. I had a zillion separates. I told her, “I want to get dressed, put on my jewels, and forget about it...I want a no-nonsense, classy closet. Once I’m dressed, I want to move on with my day. “ Annette made all of that happen for me.

Now, I feel happy to be in public! I look good at events!
Annette drew me out of the corner and onto the center stage. After just one afternoon, I had a new toolkit!
— Debby Handrich, Writing Coach

From fashion doldrums to outer fabulous!

Just received my Style Folder in the mail which you put together for me. It’s great! Thank you so much!! I know it will be a useful tool to help me remember all the coordinated outfits from my closet as well as the new looks you helped me put together from our visit to the mall. The photos say it all and the details you wrote will certainly clue me on what you were trying to convey to me.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your expertise in this area. I was stuck in my pattern of boredom and putting on the same tired outfits for all my activities. You got me out of my fashion doldrums and helped me realize I could look fabulous by matching the inner me with the outside of me. I feel inspired like I never have before !

You are truly gifted at what you do and you helped put me at ease with your personal style of friendliness and the way you present yourself fashionably. I look forward to any ongoing association we may have.
— Diane S.

exceeded my expectations!

I just wanted to thank you again for all your wonderful guidance! I had so much fun shopping with you (yes me the non-shopper) and I feel so beautiful in all the outfits you helped me select. I have always admired you - as a person and as a professional - and had looked forward to our shopping adventure. Yet it far exceeded even my expectations. Thank you.
— Connie G.

small changes that led to powerful results!

Annette inspired me to think about defining my own personal style, and that has led to simple but powerful changes in things like choice of colors, cosmetics, accessories and creating different outfits from items in my closet. I will continue to work with Annette for periodic refresher sessions, wardrobe updates, and confidence boosts.
— Amelie D.

Using Style as a Business Tool!

I really believe that the style tools I now have can be used strategically to give my business, Solutions for Impact, a competitive advantage.
— Hannah Pelley, Solutions for Impact

Wardrobe goes from Disaster to Beautiful!

Last year I started a new job and had to start rebuilding my wardrobe for a business casual environment. It was a disaster. Annette has a great step-by-step process. She makes amazing recommendations and provides honest feedback. My new wardrobe is filled with beautiful clothes I’m excited to wear.
— Kimberly Sjostrom, Tax Director

Saved me so much TIME!

Annette saved me so much time so I didn’t have to spend hours shopping. Annette is a pro - she helped me figure out what colors suit me best, where to find quality and fit and we had fun along the way.
— Natalie Holm, CFA

Annette saved me 20+ hours of confusion and frustration!

What I loved about our time together, we purged so much from my closet and made room for our fabulous shopping expedition. What we accomplished together in record time, saved me at least 20+ hours of time - and usually I am not that happy with what I bring home! Now, when I travel (or get dressed), it is easy to select from my closet and the compliments I get - strangers stop me and say - I have to tell you that color looks fabulous on you!

Also, when I shop, thinking about what I need (gaps) and what I have (making sure it goes with multiple items already in my closet) have been invaluable strategies that I learned from Annette. I would highly recommend anyone facing any wardrobe challenges to have Annette help you!
— Silvia P.

Frustrated Appearance to Respected and Trustworthy

Before working with Annette I was feeling frustrated with my professional appearance. I’m now feeling confident, gaining respect and trust from my prospects and clients.
— Brittany Slater-Gautreau, Clarity Capital

Struggle to Stylish!

Before meeting Annette I had a closet stuffed with clothes but felt I had nothing to wear. Deciding what to wear each morning was always a struggle. I knew my wardrobe needed updating but I didn’t have the time or energy to go shopping, besides not knowing where to start.

Annette showed me what core pieces I was missing from my wardrobe in order to better mix and match. She also recommended a few pieces on a shopping excursion which made my wardrobe flow together. I now feel my wardrobe is updated and makes a statement about me and the feeling I want to project with my clothes. It was such a fun experience besides Annette being so wonderful to work with. She got my personality and sense of style right away and I couldn’t be more pleased with my wardrobe choices. I highly recommend her services to anyone!
— Laraine V.

new colors that made outfits blossom and turn into a statement of my personal style! 

I always thought I was pretty good at putting together my own wardrobe. This is, until after Annette so capably assessed the clothes in my closet and asked me to point out favorite pieces of clothing that I had trouble coordinating. Best of all, she took me through a professional color analysis that was an absolute blast. She introduced me to colors that I had never considered wearing before. And, through finding me just a few new basics and some accessories that had the “wow” factor (nothing I would have ever thought of or found on my own ever though I have good instincts). she showed me how to “create”. My outfit options blossomed and turned them into a statement of my personal style.

Over the past few months after working with Annette, I am now being told, “You are so put together all the time!” I owe that to Annette and I am thrilled to tell my admirers that it’s all because of “Definitive Style”
— Rosemary N.

inspired BEST colors!

Dear Annette,
I’ve been meaning to write and tell you what fun I’ve been having with my Colortime. I went through my closet and moved all the best colors into rainbow order, pulled out the least flattering and gave them away, and pushed the not-so-great-not-so-horrible things to one side, to be replaced as logical. There weren’t too many things left on the “best side!” or at least they aren’t very manageable for combining outfits. Went shopping with palette in hand and did quite well. I will be sure to pass your contact info to anyone who is interested.
— Laura B.

Annette listens and Understands!

I initially hired Annette to educate me on what to wear for my body type, the best colors for me to wear and how to coordinate the clothes and accessories I already had in my closet. I was so impressed with her that I hired her again to shop for me at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. She pre-shopped and had clothes in a dressing room ready for me to try on when I arrived. That shopping trip was the easiest and most successful shopping trip I’ve ever had. Knowing what colors and styles looked best on me was invaluable. Annette is very professional and really listened to my needs. She did thorough pre work, using questionnaires, to get to know my preferred style and my goals before meeting with me so that she understood how to help me create the look I wanted. She learned what I liked and made great suggestions to enhance my wardrobe. I highly recommend Annette!
— Connie B.

pulled together with style and fun!

Since working with Annette, my wardrobe helps me to feel more confident and stylish that ever before. Her knowledge of style and color has helped me to pull together a fun and fabulous wardrobe with clothes that have function, fit, style, and color. Thanks to Annette, I feel amazing!
— Dena B.

struggling post baby weight to feeling great about myself in easy put-together professional outfits!

I hired Annette to help me define my style when I was in transition after having had a baby and struggling with getting back to my business personality. She helped me find style, color, etc. that worked for me and made me feel good about myself again. She also helped me find clothes that were easy to put together in several outfits, which resulted in me spending a lot less than I thought I would need to! I really enjoyed the sessions I had with Annette - she made them fun, helpful and interesting. If you are looking for your style or just trying to update it, I highly recommend Annette.
— Shawn H.

Aligned with my personality!

I had the great pleasure of working with Annette in the summer of 2011. She helped me look at my wardrobe with a fresh eye, and then took me shopping to help me pick out styles, colors and accessories that flattered me most. I am not a girly-girl. I used to love clothes when I was a teen, but two kids later, I was used to wearing jeans pretty much all the time! As I started stepping out and networking more, it was imperative to step up my wardrobe as well. Annette made it so easy, comfortable and fun to shop again. Now I know what to look for when I need new pieces, and it saves me time, money and energy.
— Kris P.