Dressing Your Essence

J`'envie Clothing - available at www.tempoclothing.com

J'envie clothing - available at  www.tempoclothing.com

J'envie clothing - available at www.tempoclothing.com


Dressing Your Essence, Reveal Your Radiance

Recently I was browsing the internet looking to see what others were saying about style for the Over 50 Woman.  I came across several YouTube videos by How To.com and About.com that I thought no wonder women are so confused. There were tips such as only wear solids, do not wear a shawl collar because that signifies you are old. Make sure you wear only very classic looks.

What I found is nothing about the “real you”, only age. 

I don't know what age I was when I discovered very early on what I liked and didn't like in my style.  I could look in the mirror and say yes or no quickly.  There was a look I was going for. I became very intentional and purposeful on the pieces I chose.

Most of what we learn is to "dress with the fashion" or "dress for success".  It's not wrong, just confusing as we sift through all the information. 

We as women are multi-faceted and I believe that is what our clothes should reveal.  Our clothing tells a story about who we. My passion is to help you tell that story, and reveal your radiance.

To begin Revealing Your Radiance, start with the essence of who you are. What pieces of clothing do you love in your wardrobe? What pieces do you forget about as you're wearing them because they're just part of who you are? What pieces give you complete confidence? Make you walk taller? Speak a little more boldly? And maybe draw the eye of everyone in the room?

Clothes that make you feel "in your element."

It might be the style, the color, the silhouette?

1.  Are those pieces dark colors, fluid fabrics, artistic or asymmetric shapes?

2. Are those pieces casual styling, sporty, natural fabrics, green or blue?

3. Are those pieces bright colors, dramatic, red or purple?

4.  Are those pieces earth tones, textured fabrics, classic styling

5. Are those pieces elegant, polished fabrics, curved shapes, pale or metallic colors?

 Identify if you are a dominant 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

 The next time you're choosing an outfit make sure one of those specific elements are part of your outfit.

Have you noticed you love uniqueness in the detail of a jacket? Maybe the cut is just a little different and that is what attracted you. If you know you like a pinch of drama it could be your red lipstick or fuchsia pumps. Your sportiness could be a pair of pants vs. a skirt. Your metallic could be in the shoes or a jewel neckline vs. a V-neck.  Have you noticed you love texture? It will also help you identify why you DON'T like about a certain piece.  Maybe "in your element" characteristics are missing that are special to you.

 As I mentioned above, we are multi-faceted and you may have several of the above elements in your outfit. Maybe all five.  But you have a dominant that allows you to Reveal Your Radiance and capture your essence.