Do Clothes Make the Woman?



As I picked up my InStyle magazine an article caught my attention, "Do Clothes Make the Woman?" 

The article was written by the fashion feature director of InStyle magazine. I would agree we at one time or another believe that the clothes make the woman. You may still feel that way. 

This Saturday my son is getting married. Looking and finding the perfect dress was an effort, I have to admit. I began the process thinking about the wedding colors, should I wear long or short, what was the mother-of-the-bride wearing, etc. Sounds logical right?  Not ever being a mother-of-the-groom, I felt it was my responsibility to "fit in" with the wedding. 

After 4 months of looking, I found myself trying to work within the parameters I had made up wasn't working. I was trying to make the "pink of the season" work for me - it didn't. I was trying to find a "mother-of-the groom look", it wasn't working. It finally occurred to me that everything I teach and inspire women to do, I wasn't doing. 

Can you believe it - I fell into the trap. 

The wedding was now 4 weeks away and I had to find my dress, I needed a new strategy. 

I decided to let go of all the preconceptions of what I thought I "should wear".  I took a step back and started shopping from the perspective of what gives Annette Style Confidence, what makes Annette feel like a million bucks, what are Annette's most flattering colors and silhouettes.

I ordered five dresses online. Three worked. One was amazing. The one I thought I was going to love was the worst. On the hanger it was gorgeous! I thought it was perfect! But, the dress took over, way to overwhelming for my height. The dress wore me. 

Have you ever gone out shopping for "the dress" thinking that the dress is going to compensate for all your insecurities and what you perceive to be personality flaws?

Or the pressure to find the dress that is going to disguise ample upper arms or camouflage a tummy? Not a bad thing but I believe shouldn't be your total focus. 

To feel ultra confident, comfortable in your skin and at ease...I believe Style Confidence begins with you, not the clothes. 

Who are you at the core? What is the message you want to speak without actually speaking? What are your best attributes? What is your body type?  

When you begin with YOU...the dress narrates a story about you. The dress has influence and purpose. And most of all, there is an ease and comfort with the dress. You can forget about the dress and BE YOU. 

If any of this resonates with you and you're tired of trying to figure it all out on your own, I invite you to:  

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I BELIEVE there isn't a more powerful feeling than when your outfit truly expresses who you are. It represents everything you want to say without needing to say it. 

With your Definitive Style in Mind. 

What Should You Wear on a Summer Date?


What Should You Wear on a Summer Date?

  • To an Art Gallery?

  • Dinner with Girlfriends?

  • A Patio Party?

Have you ever been shopping and gazed at a great dress or sandal and wondered, “where would I wear that”?  A summer occasion is the perfect opportunity to add that unexpected piece to your wardrobe.  I think it’s nice to have a few special pieces that you can have distinctively for your weekend gatherings.

This is a time to start building that “hot weather weekend wardrobe”. Spring clothing is on sale and summer apparel is in the stores full swing. You may want to experiment with a new color or silhouette.  If you’ve had your eye on a beautiful summer dress, it’s time to swoop it up and take your summer style up a notch.

Two Simple Ways To Update This Summer Season:


The Maxi Dress or Skirt

A silhouette you wouldn’t necessarily wear to work but a style that’s perfect for summer fun such as dinner dates with girlfriends or to a patio party. The maxi dress gives you a nice elongated look whether you’re short or tall. Don’t hesitate to hem the length to fit your height and shoes. You’re also going to love the ease it gives through the middle and best of all, this dress is so effortless to wear.

Update Your Sandals

I’m loving the color metallic. You will see it incorporated with nude, black, and taupe combination. It will add that glimmer of shimmer that takes your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Styles to look for:


The Cage Sandal

For those of you who like a little texture. Many times it comes with a wood heel, which is a little more informal and casual. Pair it with a dress, shorts, or pants. They are great with a solid color, adds a finishing touch of pizzazz.

The Ankle Strap

Gives a little more feminine feel for those of you who love the ladylike or elegance look. They are great with an ankle pant or dress.  An ankle strap sandal delivers the extra +1 for a classy chic presence.

The Mule

The mule is back, though more beautiful than ever. This is a great shoe for your casual cotton pants or long flowy maxi dress. If you dress "Seattle casual" for work, this is also a great alternative.

Have FUN with your summer style!

Annette Bond is a Personal Image Consultant

She works with professional men and women over 50 who feel ordinary, old or overweight. Annette helps them to reveal their radiance so they can become more of who they are and walk into the world with more confidence and success.

Are you the kind of person who wants to position themselves for success but are lacking confidence in the style department?

And, without a doubt, know you look impeccably "put together" and standout as a leader with confidence in your field?

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