Do You Feel Like You Need a New Wardrobe?

I was at Tempo and Nordstrom in Bellevue, WA this week picking up spring clothing to showcase at my speaking engagement for the Overlake Hospital Auxiliary group.

I think I am like a kid in a toy store loving all the new colors, styles and accessories that are out for spring.

One of the tips I will be shared with the ladies is, what do you have in your closet from last year (that is last spring) that really worked for you? Vs. feeling like you need an entire new wardrobe.

A piece that you felt confident in.

Maybe you received a lot of compliments.

It fit really well.

It became a great go-to-piece.

Maybe it was a great pair of pants or sweater.


Pull a piece from your closet and ask yourself, how can I refresh this piece with a new color, an accessory, or what do I need to add to give it that Spring 2017 current feel?

Check, Stripes, Floral, Stripe & Floral mixed, Check and Floral mixed - Have FUN with your new spring pieces.

Confidence - begin with a wardrobe piece that you already feel confident in.

ONE piece- take ONE piece and add your uniqueness.

If you've thought about the two of us working together in the past and know it's your time....

I am planning a small intimate Fashion Feng Shui hands on training session at my home in Sammamish, WA for 8 magnificent ladies who truly desire to Reveal Your Radiance. I'm excited to announce that I have set a date for this one-of-a-kind workshop.

 If you would like to be considered for one of the 8 spots, let me know below. 

The date will be Saturday, May 20th from 10-3pm.

How To Wear A Statement Jewelry Piece

Update Your Wardrobe Effortlessly with a Striking "Statement Necklace

A statement piece adds flair and finesse for a perfectly polished look!

Rule of Thumb: Add "one" statement necklace, earring or bracelet - never all three.

1. Statement Necklace

Wear this with a simple neckline, solid color or simple print. Layer your necklaces. Select different lengths, chunky or more delicate depending on your style. Decide upon a style that inspires you and has you saying "I Love It", I can't wait to wear it.

2. Statement Earrings

Short hair or long hair - perfect! Busy fabrics, lots of detail at the neckline, not a necklace girl - opt for statement earrings.

3. Statement Bracelet

Wear with a  a sleeveless piece, with a great necklace or earring or on its own. Try a cuff bracelet, or layer 3, 4, 5 bracelets at a time.


Have fun! Experiment with something New! Accessories are that added "finishing touch" that can make your outfit a standout.