There's a commercial on TV right now where a patient is in the hospital and asks the nurse what do you think of the Dr. that's going to operate on me and she says, he's OK.

The look on the patients face is priceless. Like what? What do you mean the Dr. is just OK?

Who wants a Dr. who is just OK, you want the best, right?

Is that how you're feeling about your wardrobe? It's OK. It's fine. I look OK.

If that works for you, wonderful. You probably don't need to read any further.

Or, is your personal style beginning to affect your self confidence when you walk into a room?

Years ago I took the Strength Finders assessment and it told me my #1 Strength was the Maximizer. (something you may not know about me...I LOVE self discovery)

Excellence, not average, is your measure. You are compelled to nurture it, refine it and stretch it toward excellence. You polish the pearl until it shines. I remember thinking, OMG that is what I do, I'm the Maximizer. .

Helping women Elevate their Image is what I do best.

It's not just what I do, but it's my passion to help women show up dressed oozing excellence instead of just OK. Never apologizing.

You may be thinking about the Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy and wondering, do I really need that program? Or is my wardrobe just OK the way it is?

What I've found over and over is that it's the little things that make a big difference.

Style Rut

I call it.....you don't know what you don't know.

  • You don't really know your best colors

  • You don't really know the best styles for your body type

  • You don't really know how to dress on purpose.

  • You don't really know what your personality has to do with your style?

  • You don't really know how to mix and match your wardrobe?

They may be little things on their own but combined they make a BIG difference in your "elevated image."

Learning and discovering all these little things in the Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy are tools that will serve you for a lifetime.

Wouldn't you love to quit the madness of filling your closet with clothes that are just OK?

If you are a little bit curious and thinking this really does sound fantastic.....let's set up a quick 10-15 phone conversation where I can answer your concerns and questions.

Visit: www.annettebond.com/revealyourradiancestyleacademy

Invest in YOU. A style system that will serve you for a lifetime.

I can't wait to chat with you!!

Call me Annette Bond

Give me a call at 425.868-1816 or email me at annette@annettebond.com to find out more.

8 Ways to Style a Simple Sweater that Feels Boring

Do you ever finding yourself digging through your closet looking for something warm to wear and skipping over the simple V-neck sweater because it feels borrrrring?

Or maybe you're shopping and your see a table full of colorful v-neck/crew sweaters that catch your eye but then you pick it up and say, naaaaa, too boring?

If you're anything like my clients I'm sure you've done it a time or two. 

You're wanting something with a little more pizzazz or uniqueness, am I right?

I agree, I love a sweater I can put on with little effort, it's a statement, it's fun and can be worn with little to no accessories.

Because you can only wear the sweater ONE way, you may wear it a season or two and then you're ready for something new.  

Imagine...a Simple Sweater that Feels Boring may be your answer to more fun and variety in your wardrobe..

What I love about simplicity:

  • You can add a new accessory every season and it feels like a new outfit

  • It's one of your favorite colors and it just feels good

  • You can wear the simple sweater nearly year around and coordinate it with the current season's colors


The ideas above were shared via the most recent Style Chat on Tuesday, January 22 via FACEBOOK LIVE. 

CLICK: https://www.facebook.com/definitivestylebyannettebond/videos/343116829746773/

Dressing Up Denim

You’ve been invited to a party. The invitation calls for dressy casual. You have both dressy outfits and casual outfits in your closet but how do you mix the two?

Would you be surprised if I suggested you start with jeans? Jeans aren’t right for every occasion, but with some fashion finesse, you can make them party ready.

Pretend I’m in your closet right now. Using your jeans as a base, I’m going to help you look through your tops, jackets, jewelry, shoes, and handbags for ingredients that will make you party-ready.

When you see your wardrobe through my eyes, you’ll be surprised at how ready you can be when that friend of yours calls and says, “I’m going to a dressy casual event tonight. Would you be my plus-one?”

It all starts with the right jeans

Here are some general rules for the best jeans to use as your casual chic or elegant casual outfit.

1. The darker the denim, the more dressy and formal it is, which works well with the fancier items you’ll be wearing on top.

2. If your party leans more to casual than elegant and you love jeans that are distressed in some way—holes or fading—plan to wear a dressy shoe.

3. High-rise jeans are a great base. They’ll look great with any fanciful top or jacket.

4. You could start with a denim jean that is coated, so it takes on a different hue. Or consider a jean with some elegant embroidery.

5. Beware: dark indigo jeans can discolor lighter-colored leather handbags. Pay close attention to your handbag selection for the night. They can also stain any part of a lighter-colored bootie that they come into contact with.

dressed up denim

Find unique jackets in your closet

Now let’s get to what you’re wearing on top. Jackets can play a crucial role in dressing up jeans. Leave your work jackets out of the mix for now. Focus on more festive choices and think outside the box.

This list of jacket styles will love to dress up your denim.

1. Blazers in velvet, leather, lace or jacquard prints

2. A tuxedo jacket

3. Knit or woven jackets with fur trim

4. Statement pieces like kimonos, dusters, Asian-inspired jackets

3 jackets.PNG

Tops that are just right for going out

Look at your tops through a ‘dressed up casual’ lens. Do you spot tops that you may have worn in other parts of your life, but that would look well accessorized for denim outfits?

Here are some looks to consider.

1. Blouses with statement sleeves like ruffles, ties, pleats, or ribbons

2. Romantic blouses with lace, leather trim or velvet

3. A knit or woven or top in a bold, bright print

4. A sheer print top with a camisole 

5. A sweater with pearl or sequined details, or a cashmere sweater that is delicate or feminine

holiday tops

Jewelry selection is a must

If you’re wearing simple clothing pieces, then your jewelry choices will lift your outfit into a dressy casual party scene. Go beyond your tried-and-true everyday pieces. Consider vintage or crystal jewelry or any of your fine jewelry like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls.

If you’re wearing tops that are already sequined or jeweled, then your jewelry may need to back off a little.

Here are some ideas for using accessories to make your outfit sparkle and shine.

1. Chandelier earrings or dangly earrings

2. Statement necklaces or double or triple layered chokers

3. A sparkly brooch or a collection of pins worn together

4. Bold cocktail rings

5. Cuffs or layered bangles that have lots of shimmer and shine

6. Mixing in fine jewelry with costume jewelry

holiday earrings

Shoes matter, both functionally and fashionably

You may have shoes in your closet that will only work if you’re sitting at a table, rather than standing at a table all night. Be careful. Know with a two-hour shoe will work or whether or not you need to wear a shoe that you can dance in all night long.

Here are some shoe choices for nightlife.

1. High heels or kitten-heeled pumps in patent leather, exciting colors, or fabrics

2. Comfortable flats that have fanciful details like bows, sequins, ribbons, or applique

3. Metallic flats or booties

4. Velvet slippers, flats or booties

5. Heeled sandals

fanciful shoes

Handbags need to be a lot more special than your work bag

For many gatherings, the purse you choose only needs to hold your lipstick, a credit card, some cash, and your smartphone. You may have cocktail handbags that you’ve used for years. I encourage you to take a closer look at them this year. Do they still look viable or does yours need an update?

Here are some handbag selections for your jean party outfit.

1. Smaller crossbody bag with chain straps

2. Fabric bags made with beautiful tapestry or damask fabrics

3. Small framed bags including vintage bags

4. A small handbag in an intense color or a metallic

5. Hard, rather than soft, clutch in faux reptile

evening bags

Could you use a few fancy casual denim outfits in your wardrobe?

I’d love to help you assemble them, so you are party ready at any moment. Or maybe you’ve realized some gaps in the “party department” of your wardrobe.

Call me! 425-868-1816 OR connect with me at annette@annettebond.com



As I was contemplating what I wanted to share this week I had a strong pull toward encouraging you to claim your style message. Maybe you've never thought about a style message? You just get dressed in the morning and that is that.

In the Annette Bond world, I am passionate about showing up intentionally. Our clothing tells a story. Is your outfit telling the right story?

On December 2, 2017, I was sitting in my comfy chair brainstorming a title for an upcoming speaking engagement. It occurred to me, I had a mish-mash of great one-liner titles but was super confused on what was appropriate. At that moment, "I said enough is enough."

I needed a marketing message that I could count on, the message needed to be purposeful and effortless. I'd reached the tipping point where I was tired of wasting mental energy deciding what that one great message was.

Feeling like a hot mess with so many messages, I decided to get help. I was tired of muddling in my sea of words for the last 7 years. I had some good stuff, but I knew I needed help refining what I had.

As this feeling came over me, I couldn't help but think how you must feel {{ subscriber.first_name }}. A closet full of clothes with numerous style messages. Wondering is this the right style, color, silhouette or print, am I right?

I admit, I feel your pain, instead of a closet full of clothes I have documents full of words and titles.

Over the last 3 months I have been working with a brand strategist, Peg Marckworth of Marckworth Associates to clarify and claim my marketing message. OMG, I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to have a confidant to guide and lead me to my clarity. I believe clarity is power. 

One of the biggest questions you have to ask yourself whether you are claiming a style message or branding message is: Who are you? What makes you tick? How do you define You?

Recently, I had a conversation with a woman who said she wasn't happy with her job and then came back and said, I think it's the clothing I have to wear."

Developing a style strategy will help you align with the company you represent while honoring your authentic self.

Have you asked yourself lately... how is my style influencing how others perceive me? Is my style a mystery? Am I wasting a lot of mental energy every morning deciding what to wear?

Are you ready to have a style message that says, "Strong, Dynamic, Visible?"

My marketing message is still developing but what I know for sure... Definitive Style gives you the tools to reveal Style Confidence that has purpose, ease and significance.

TIP #1 To reveal Style Confidence, begin with a little black dress that you may already have in your closet or another great neutral such as navy, beige or gray.



Click To View Catalog of Little Black Dresses!

TIP #2 Take a picture of yourself. Pictures give us an objective opinion than we sometimes need. How does it fit? How about the length - do you have great legs that you're covering up? Does the neckline flatter your face? Does it flatter your waist?

TIP #3 Add a 2nd or 3rd piece that defines YOU! An accessory...big earrings? Statement necklace? Fabulous scarf? Sassy shoes? Pearls?

TIP #4 Step into your Style Confidence with purpose, ease and significance!

Capture.PNG 4.PNG

Shopping With Hannah, Client Case Study

Just before Christmas Hannah and I met for our shopping session. 

Main areas I help my clients with:

Align your personal image with the "real you" - what are your best colors, styles for your body type, personality, lifestyle and does it fit properly. 



One of my goals was to work on proportion. Hannah has an "inverted triangle" body shape and is 5'4". 

Tip! The circle skirt gave her movement and the fabric was super comfortable - aspects that are important to Hannah.  

Tip! The circle skirt is a nice balance to her shoulders and showed off her toned athletic legs. 

Tip! The peplum top gave balance to her hips and smoothed over her stomach area nicely. 

Tip! The monochromatic of navy and white gave her an elongated look. She will be adding navy tights and black shoes. 




I am halfway through the Signature Program and have already transformed how I think about "style", as well as how I look and feel. 
Now, every day I easily apply what Annette has taught me using style as a tool.  To prove a point, I humbly share that I am getting a lot of compliments.  The best part?  All I am doing is applying what I am learning from Annette with existing clothes, jewelry, and makeup.  
I really believe that the style tools I now have can be used strategically to give my business, Solutions for Impact, a competitive advantage.

Second main area I help my clients with:

What do you have in your closet that is already working and what are the missing gaps?

Hannah had two black pants, one navy legging style and one red trouser. 

TIP! Add an additional neutral to Hannah's wardrobe. We are adding a camel/latte' color straight leg pants and blue tone in the jacket. The latte' and blue will go beautifully with her existing accent colors of teal, red and coral. 




In advance, Annette asked me for the names of stores where I like to shop. I really appreciated this since it reinforces what she says about honoring her clients, which also means honoring their price points. 
From working in my closet and asking detailed questions, Annette knows exactly what I like and dislike about clothes including look, fit, material, pattern, etc.  
She wowed me again by going shopping in advance and putting clothes for me to consider/try on hold. This made it so efficient and easy.
I loved the clothes she picked - they were absolutely "me."  There was no pressure to buy at any point (she doesn't get a commission or kickback from any stores).  
As I tried various items, she quickly learned then taught me which aspects work or don't work for me.  
She explained how to buy items keeping in mind the existing clothes I have and my personal signature colors.  This way, I continue to expand the number of outfits I can make without needing a large amount of clothes. 
Now when I go shopping on my own, I can easily look at an item and know if it will be flattering or not, as well as how many more outfits I can make with it. 
Like every session, I left energized and excited for the next one.

TIP!  We found a pant at Talbots, a slimmer leg that fits her body type. She purchased latte' and navy - great basics that will work well with her earth red jacket and latte' sweater.  *If you have slimmer legs - stay away from curvy style 

Part three of the process. Is your story congruent with how you're currently dressing? 

What story do you want to tell with an important business interaction ...creative, growth, supportive, organized? 

Do you have outfits that support your desire to "feel and look like a million bucks"?

Do you need to get rid of clothing in your closet because you're not who you were 5, 10 years ago? 

Do you need to add additional pieces to up-level your image?

I truly believe that Annette already "gets" me and am really looking forward to our next session together.~ Hannah 

Hello, I’m Annette Bond a Certified Personal Image Consultant! I am all about helping you “reveal your radiance”, dressing authentically and intentionally for your everyday business interactions. I am passionate about you becoming more style-confident without age, shape or size getting in the way.

When I’m not off working with my one-on-one clients to re-fresh their closets or personal shopping, I’m hanging out on online revealing my voice for “Reveal Your Radiance blog”, so you can walk into the world with more confidence and success.

I am passionate about teaching howto build a successful wardrobe that works for your business lifestyle.

Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn 

My Journey with Hannah, a Client Case Study

Session #2 with Hannah:


Wow!  My eyeglass session with Annette completely exceeded my expectations. When I arrived at the specialty store, she had already collaborated with the expert there.  

Using all the information Annette had finalized and understood about me specifically up to that point (signature colors, makeup look, my style likes/dislikes, who I am at the core and how I want to come off to others), 

Annette had already picked several glasses to try.  I arrived with a warm, genuinely excited welcome from both of them.  They already had the glasses sitting out, ready to try on. Perhaps this is what royalty feels like?  

I always appreciate that Annette educates me along the way as to what works and doesn't work, and why. 

It's so empowering. She always leaves me craving more since I am learning so much and immediately able to apply it.  I can't wait until the next session!

TIP!  Hannah also chose a burgundy red frame, remember RED is one of her favorite colors. In addition to a gray/slate rectangle shape for her get down to business look. 

 TIP!  You can choose a very neutral frame to wear with all your outfits or use your glasses as an accessory. 

Do You Have The Ugly Shoe Syndrome?

Create Comfortable Shoe Options


Comfortable shoes are such a hot topic for women over 50

I hear all the time, “I can’t find cute comfortable shoes”, and so I wear ugly shoes. I’m an image consultant and that statement makes me cringe (sorry girls). I have to admit that stylish shoes has always been important even though they are a little uncomfortable. Suck it up girls, I used to think.

Not until recently have I given in a bit.  With all the personal shopping I do for clients, the feet get grouchy to the point where they can make me tired. So, I have been on a mission over the last 4-6 months to search out what’s available in shoes that are cute, comfortable and NOT UGLY.

I have to admit the first time I walked into the Walking Company in Bellevue Square, I walked right back out and thought I can’t wear these shoes. I’m a stylish girl and I don’t care how comfortable they are I’m not wearing them. Well, as I said my values have changed over the last several months.

I came to the conclusion, I MUST have a comfortable shoe that I can walk in for hours while shopping for clients.

This last fall, I gave in. I went back to the Walking Company and came out with a pair of Raffini bootie shoes. OMG, these shoes changed my life, they had an arch support.  I soon found out that I could walk the mall for hours and tromp in downtown Seattle and my feet were feeling blissful.  I’m finding that every season they continue to come out with more styles and options for us girls over 50.

Unless I’m participating in a 2-hour special event or doing a speaking engagement I now refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes while I work.

I just bought my new spring sandals – Abeo, featuring a built in orthotic system.  They are wonderful! I tried on nearly every pair in the store until I found the right style and fit. Yes, I’m picky. But I use my philosophy that I share with all my clients, “don’t buy it unless you love it”!

What I’ve learned is there are brands that have built in arch support and then there are shoes that have a comfortable shoe bed. Many companies are offering “off the shelf orthotics” that you can slip into your shoes. A lot of stores carry them, find the right fit for you. I have a client that has customized orthotics and she puts them in all her Munro shoes – perfect for her.

I’ve also learned that if you find a brand that fits you well, go online to see other styles. Sometimes your only option is to order the shoes online, try them on a home and then return to your local store. Of course, Zappos is another option.

For the woman who is on her feet, is tired of the ugly shoe syndrome or distressed tootsies, you now have a stylish solution. I hope I given you a place to begin your journey in finding Cute, Comfortable Shoes!

(the above shoe options are from the Walking Company)

Annette Bond is a Personal Image Consultant

She works with professional men and women over 50 who feel ordinary, old or overweight. Annette helps them to reveal their radiance so they can become more of who they are and walk into the world with more confidence and success.

Are you the kind of person who wants to position themselves for success but are lacking confidence in the style department?

And, without a doubt, know you look impeccably "put together" and standout as a leader with confidence in your field?

If you're ready to have that kind of confidence I just described above, let's schedule a time to chat.  Life is too short to keep feeling frustrated every time you have to decide what looks good on you.

annette@annettebond.com or 425-868-1816

Rent the Runway: Rent the Dress, Own the Look

Rent the Runway: Rent the Dress, Own the Look

On the red carpet or in the office, best-dressed can bust your budget. But now, the latest online shopping trend allows users to rent a dress, and own the look. "I think it's actually kind of awesome," said Annette Bond, owner of Definitive Style by Annette Bond. She is a personal image consultant with 30 years of fashion industry experience.

Read More

Are You Looking For An Effortless Sense Of Style?

Effortless: showing little or no effort, easy, uncomplicated, fluent, simple, and painless.  I would say most women decide to ignore their style because they think it’s too much work, too complicated, requires too much effort and it’s much simpler to have NO STYLE.

I want us to learn from Audrey Hepburn about her “effortless sense of style”.   Audrey Hepburn was comfortable with her body.  She was a size 0 but she also had a size 10 shoe and and a 32 A cup size.  She knew what looked good on her body shape and what didn't, she knew her strengths.   Her style was an extension of her inner beauty.

Let’s take a look at her simple wardrobe in “Breakfast with Tiffany’s”.  All the must have basic pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe.

  • Little Black Dress – (LBD) – that fits your personal body type

  • Pearl Necklace – go for layers

  • Pearl Earring –pick the style that speaks to you and your face shape

  • Black Pump – goes with EVERYTHING

  • Sunglasses -  that fit your face shape

  • Gloves…instead maybe a great Black Handbag

  • Hat…if not a Hat maybe a great Scarf

Take some time to shop for these effortless pieces to add to your wardrobe.  It’s your time to create a style that is effortless, classy, painless and confident.  And before you know it you’ll be sashaying out the door every morning with the Effortless Sense of Style that Audrey Hepburn had.

 Next week we’ll discuss her hair and makeup.

A Week of Looks From White House Black Market

White House Black Market does a really nice job with showing you how to mix and match with a few great basics and adding a pop of color.  We all love black and white but many forget to add some pattern or texture to change it up.  The skirt and jacket below are great examples of taking the many black pieces in your wardrobe and updating them in a new fun way.

Love the below-the-hip length of jacket. This style can do wonders to camouflage your midsection but keeps a nice straight line.  It's classy, can serve as a coat in many climates, and is a fresh look from the blazer.

I also love the idea of adding a LGD (little green dress) as a favorite and accessorizing with neutrals such as gold, silver,  or white come spring.  If you love your little black dress, have fun with color in the same versatile ways.   If green isn't your fav, individualize your black ensemble with a color that makes your inner sparkle, flicker.  I am excited to explore the 2014 Pantone color of the year, "Radiant Orchid".



What a great way to add texture and uniqueness to your outfit.  Choose a scarf that speaks to you in color and pattern.


A spectator with a kitten heel is so versatile. Don’t forget about a suede booties shoe, Or a great pair of boots/tights.


Are you looking for elegance, classic, dramatic, feminine? You define your style…


How many of you knew that EMERALD Green was the color of the Year?  For those of you who didn't know, every year Pantone Color, the leading color authority for fashion and home chooses a color that represents what is going on around the world with fashion designers, decorators, our economy and anything else that might influence our surroundings such as the upcoming Olympics.  In addition to the color of the year they also select 10 Top Colors for spring and fall that will be a big influence in the marketplace.

I am going to admit right now that I have never been a green fashion person although I decorate with it all the time.  Did you know that usually there is a reason why psychologically you don’t like a color? I encourage you to take a minute to think back on your past to discover if there is a reason why you don’t like GREEN.  In my color sessions with clients, I find a great deal of them who are not fans of green and some who love it. Be aware that there are at least 50 shades of green, so if you’re one of those who don’t like GREEN, experiment with a totally new shade. I hope you’ll also consider adding some GREEN clothing pieces to your wardrobe in the near future after learning a little more about the color.

What got me excited about EMERALD is the meaning of the color.  As you can see from above, there are a lot of standout adjectives such as magnificent, lively, radiant, and striking and so many more powerful descriptions of the color EMERALD. It makes me happy when I think of these words.

Green in general describes people who are usually stable, balanced types; kind, generous and can be a good listener from Leatrice Eiseman’ Book More Alive with Color®.  I did my own FACEBOOK survey and asked my followers what they thought of the color green and these were some of their responses:

  • Love it, Vibrant, Alive.

  • Nature, Crisp, Clean.

  • Doesn't look good on me.

  • I love green in my décor.

  • Has to match my eyes in order to wear it.

  • Looks good on red heads.

  • It’s a color of healing, money and growth.

So what is your take on GREEN or the color of the year EMERALD? I would love to know!

How To Rediscover Jewelry

Does the subject of accessorizing with jewelry have you completely baffled or stymied? Whether it's an overwhelming jewelry box or an empty one, intimidation at the jewelry counter or lack of confidence in your decision-making, it's time to get over these common jewelry concerns.

What do I do with jewelry I already have but don't wear?

This part of your "wardrobe" needs purging and editing just like your clothes do. Most likely you have jewelry that's broken, has lost its meaning to you or doesn't suit your style.  Keep what you love, discard or donate what's broken or not working for you. Your discards would be welcomed at women's shelters, Dress for Success organization or consignments stores.

If I've already spent money on clothes, why would I want to spend money on jewelry?

Your outfits look more polished and put together when you wear jewelry.  It also add more depth, definition and interests to what you're wearing.  Jewelry expresses your style and individuality. Another plus for spending money on jewelry is that it expands your clothing investment. Adding or changing the jewelry you're wearing transforms simple, classic clothing pieces.

There's so much to choose from; how do I know what to buy?

Pay attention to three things: color, proportion and whether or not you love it. If your coloring or outfit is warm, look for warm metals and warmer shades of stones, gemstones or colored beads. If your coloring or your outfit is cool, go for cooler shades in jewelry and you'll be able to wear them all the time. This is also an opportunity to wear a "new color"  that you normally don't wear next to your face.

Look at the scale of your features and bones to understand proportion. If you're large boned, chances are larger pieces will be better on you. If you have small facial features, smaller and more delicate pieces will be better on you. Or if you're working with large scaled proportion but like delicate necklaces, try clustering multiple layers of them to create a bigger impact.

If jewelry is a weak point in your wardrobe, don't let it get the best of you. We can tackle this subject together. You'll soon experience the benefits of rediscovering jewelry.

How To Wear A Statement Jewelry Piece

Update Your Wardrobe Effortlessly with a Striking "Statement Necklace

A statement piece adds flair and finesse for a perfectly polished look!

Rule of Thumb: Add "one" statement necklace, earring or bracelet - never all three.

1. Statement Necklace

Wear this with a simple neckline, solid color or simple print. Layer your necklaces. Select different lengths, chunky or more delicate depending on your style. Decide upon a style that inspires you and has you saying "I Love It", I can't wait to wear it.

2. Statement Earrings

Short hair or long hair - perfect! Busy fabrics, lots of detail at the neckline, not a necklace girl - opt for statement earrings.

3. Statement Bracelet

Wear with a  a sleeveless piece, with a great necklace or earring or on its own. Try a cuff bracelet, or layer 3, 4, 5 bracelets at a time.


Have fun! Experiment with something New! Accessories are that added "finishing touch" that can make your outfit a standout.

Fur, Gloves, Booties, Handbags - Whatever Suits YOUR Style!

Sometimes you just need that one piece that makes it feel new and alive. Whether you add the zebra gloves, stylish booties, or a hint of fur, you've got an updated look for Fall 2011.  Eggplant, Vivid Viola, or Raspberry is going to make you stand out in a crowd.


Go a little crazy.

Be a little dramatic.

Have a lot of fun.