Style STRIPES Anyone?

Wow, I have seen the gamut of STRIPES this season as I have been out shopping for clients...shirts, blouses, dresses, handbags, shoes, different widths and colors. 

What I love about Stripes is the classiness it affords while also being a little playful. I can choose my stripe color, combine a stripe with a bit of floral pattern, wear it with my jean jacket or just let it stand on it's own. 

I found this article recently and thought you would enjoy it. 

A history of stripes in fashion.


There are not many styles that a two-year-old girl and a 50-year-old woman or man can both wear - stripes are perhaps the only contender. 

The graphic and repetitive pattern, defined simply as a long, narrow band or strip differing in color or texture from the surface on either side of it's universal in its appeal. 

Stripe dress and shirt above seen at Ann Taylor.

The classic navy blue and white striped tees that we know today originate from the French coastal region of Brittany. 

The 1958 Act of France saw navy seamen in the area given a striped woven top bearing 21 horizontal stripes (one for each of Napoleon’s victories) as a uniform, known as a marinière or sailor. The garment was born out of functionality: the boat neckline allowed sailors to dress quickly and to spot an overboard shipmate. 

Stripe shirt above seen at

Stripes have stood the test of time and adapted along the way. Today, stripes have earned their place as something far more solid than a wardrobe ‘must-have’: they are considered to be a foundation piece defying trends, age brackets and sexes.

As a certified Personal Image consultant AICI CIC, color expert and Fashion Feng Shui facilitator I am dedicated to helping you reveal your radiance and dress with style and intentionality for your professional lifestyle.

I am passionate about supporting you so that age, shape, or size are no longer in the way while aligning your personal style with the real you. So you can walk into the world with more confidence and make a great first impression that is authentically yours