Do You Have The Ugly Shoe Syndrome?

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Comfortable shoes are such a hot topic for women over 50

I hear all the time, “I can’t find cute comfortable shoes”, and so I wear ugly shoes. I’m an image consultant and that statement makes me cringe (sorry girls). I have to admit that stylish shoes has always been important even though they are a little uncomfortable. Suck it up girls, I used to think.

Not until recently have I given in a bit.  With all the personal shopping I do for clients, the feet get grouchy to the point where they can make me tired. So, I have been on a mission over the last 4-6 months to search out what’s available in shoes that are cute, comfortable and NOT UGLY.

I have to admit the first time I walked into the Walking Company in Bellevue Square, I walked right back out and thought I can’t wear these shoes. I’m a stylish girl and I don’t care how comfortable they are I’m not wearing them. Well, as I said my values have changed over the last several months.

I came to the conclusion, I MUST have a comfortable shoe that I can walk in for hours while shopping for clients.

This last fall, I gave in. I went back to the Walking Company and came out with a pair of Raffini bootie shoes. OMG, these shoes changed my life, they had an arch support.  I soon found out that I could walk the mall for hours and tromp in downtown Seattle and my feet were feeling blissful.  I’m finding that every season they continue to come out with more styles and options for us girls over 50.

Unless I’m participating in a 2-hour special event or doing a speaking engagement I now refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes while I work.

I just bought my new spring sandals – Abeo, featuring a built in orthotic system.  They are wonderful! I tried on nearly every pair in the store until I found the right style and fit. Yes, I’m picky. But I use my philosophy that I share with all my clients, “don’t buy it unless you love it”!

What I’ve learned is there are brands that have built in arch support and then there are shoes that have a comfortable shoe bed. Many companies are offering “off the shelf orthotics” that you can slip into your shoes. A lot of stores carry them, find the right fit for you. I have a client that has customized orthotics and she puts them in all her Munro shoes – perfect for her.

I’ve also learned that if you find a brand that fits you well, go online to see other styles. Sometimes your only option is to order the shoes online, try them on a home and then return to your local store. Of course, Zappos is another option.

For the woman who is on her feet, is tired of the ugly shoe syndrome or distressed tootsies, you now have a stylish solution. I hope I given you a place to begin your journey in finding Cute, Comfortable Shoes!

(the above shoe options are from the Walking Company)

Annette Bond is a Personal Image Consultant

She works with professional men and women over 50 who feel ordinary, old or overweight. Annette helps them to reveal their radiance so they can become more of who they are and walk into the world with more confidence and success.

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