Are YOU Using Style as a Strategic Business Tool?

We've all heard the phrase Dress for Success. And many of us think of it as old school. As much as we want to say the phrase Dress for Success is not relevant, your clothing is telling a story.

Your clothes don't define your character. Your clothes don't ultimately define YOU.

However...Your clothes narrate a story. A story about who you are. Your clothes almost always define who you are whether that is impressive, indifferent, or lacking.

When I met Hannah a year ago, Hannah knew she needed help with her clothing style as she stepped into her new role as an entrepreneur. Business professionals hire Hannah to coach them on how to stand out amongst others to earn more recognition, opportunities, and financial compensation.



"My challenge is finding attire that is simple, yet has style and reflects who I am – I know the value I offer intellectually and also want to feel like my clothes represent me so I “show up” as the best version of myself in every way." Hannah Pelley

Dressing Intentionally or I like to say, "utilizing your image as a strategic business tool" is an aspect many business owners may not think about.

Hannah Pelley invested in her style message. It is authentic and represents www.solutionsforimpact. Every time I see Hannah she makes me smile with her elevated style confidence.

As you can see in the picture not only did she elevate her personal style but it influenced her non-verbal style - posture and self-confidence.

Is it time for you to Up-Level Your Personal Image?

5 TIPS to Express RED in Your Fall Wardrobe

I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I have. I've went golfing, kayaking, and biking, and having a blast in summer fun clothing. 

The stores are readily changing over into fall clothing so if you're looking for some great summer sales, now is the time. 

For those of you who are ready to step into the new season and the lusciousness of fall clothing - have you thought about what you might add? I l believe in being intentional. Having a plan and clarity can take your shopping experience from overwhelm to enjoyable.

When transitioning into a new season, I like to think about what worked well last year or maybe what do you wish you had or felt was missing? 

Maybe it's a new silhouette, a new neutral or accent color, additional accessories? I know many of my clients are enjoying the addition of navy with so many years of all black. 

For Fall, I would like to introduce you to Grenadine, one of Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Fall. Grenadine, an off-shoot of the RED family is definitely trending. You will see many varieties of Grenadine... blue reds, some a little more burgundy and possibly a little amber. 

RED positively gets you noticed when you walk into a room. It attracts others to you without saying a word. Want to captivate an audience instantly - wear RED.

Below is my new Eva Varro sweater jacket from DivaLani Style, a new boutique in Bellevue, WA.


5 TIPS To Elevate & Express RED in Your 2017 Fall Wardrobe!

Tip #1

RED can be a powerful non-verbal color. Have you ever thought of using Color as a tool? You can express yourself just by wearing a particular color. Color carries with it a universal symbol.

RED: Exciting, energizing, sexy, passionate, powerful, courageous, assertive, adventurous, motivating

BRICK RED: Earthy, warm, strong, sturdy, established

DEEP RED: Rich, elegant, refined, expensive, mature, luxurious, robust



Tip #2

A Skirt Or Blouse is a great way to add a pop of RED. The skirt becomes the focal point of your outfit. The blouse becomes the accent to your neutral jacket or pant.


Tip #3

Don't forget that RED pairs beautifully with many neutral shades such as black, charcoal, navy, camel, deep greens or taupe to name a few.

Tip #4

Not a huge fan of Red? Add one RED accessory with your neutral outfit.


Tip #5 Click below to view more options on Expressing your Style with RED (and details of the above pieces). 



1. A NEW way to work with Definitive Style by Annette Bond: Virtual "MORE ALIVE WITH COLOR" Master Class.

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2. Save the Date! Upcoming Workshop on Saturday, October 14th / 10-4pm - Uplevel Your Life With Purpose, Passion and Style! Presented by Annette Bond and Laurie Nichols.

RED is a fun, effortless way to update this season whether you're adding to your core basics or accessories.


Dressing Your Essence

J`'envie Clothing - available at

J'envie clothing - available at

J'envie clothing - available at


Dressing Your Essence, Reveal Your Radiance

Recently I was browsing the internet looking to see what others were saying about style for the Over 50 Woman.  I came across several YouTube videos by How and that I thought no wonder women are so confused. There were tips such as only wear solids, do not wear a shawl collar because that signifies you are old. Make sure you wear only very classic looks.

What I found is nothing about the “real you”, only age. 

I don't know what age I was when I discovered very early on what I liked and didn't like in my style.  I could look in the mirror and say yes or no quickly.  There was a look I was going for. I became very intentional and purposeful on the pieces I chose.

Most of what we learn is to "dress with the fashion" or "dress for success".  It's not wrong, just confusing as we sift through all the information. 

We as women are multi-faceted and I believe that is what our clothes should reveal.  Our clothing tells a story about who we. My passion is to help you tell that story, and reveal your radiance.

To begin Revealing Your Radiance, start with the essence of who you are. What pieces of clothing do you love in your wardrobe? What pieces do you forget about as you're wearing them because they're just part of who you are? What pieces give you complete confidence? Make you walk taller? Speak a little more boldly? And maybe draw the eye of everyone in the room?

Clothes that make you feel "in your element."

It might be the style, the color, the silhouette?

1.  Are those pieces dark colors, fluid fabrics, artistic or asymmetric shapes?

2. Are those pieces casual styling, sporty, natural fabrics, green or blue?

3. Are those pieces bright colors, dramatic, red or purple?

4.  Are those pieces earth tones, textured fabrics, classic styling

5. Are those pieces elegant, polished fabrics, curved shapes, pale or metallic colors?

 Identify if you are a dominant 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

 The next time you're choosing an outfit make sure one of those specific elements are part of your outfit.

Have you noticed you love uniqueness in the detail of a jacket? Maybe the cut is just a little different and that is what attracted you. If you know you like a pinch of drama it could be your red lipstick or fuchsia pumps. Your sportiness could be a pair of pants vs. a skirt. Your metallic could be in the shoes or a jewel neckline vs. a V-neck.  Have you noticed you love texture? It will also help you identify why you DON'T like about a certain piece.  Maybe "in your element" characteristics are missing that are special to you.

 As I mentioned above, we are multi-faceted and you may have several of the above elements in your outfit. Maybe all five.  But you have a dominant that allows you to Reveal Your Radiance and capture your essence.


Fall Pants Done 5 Ways



Fall Pants 5 ways:

1. The Narrow Pant

Great to wear with basic sweaters, blouses or jackets.

2. Jodhpurs Are Not Just For Equestrians.

Wear a pair with a silk ruffled blouse and a blazer to create a perfect mix of masculine and feminine elements.

3. Iridescent Silk Pants

Once evening-only attire is now a choice for daytime.

4. Pantsuits Are Plentiful

Go for a monochromatic one or a patterned one. Or try one that uses the same color but different fabrics for the jacket and the pant.

5. Split Up Your Pantsuits

For example, wear a black jacket with patterned bottoms or black bottoms and a patterned jacket.

Fur, Gloves, Booties, Handbags - Whatever Suits YOUR Style!

Sometimes you just need that one piece that makes it feel new and alive. Whether you add the zebra gloves, stylish booties, or a hint of fur, you've got an updated look for Fall 2011.  Eggplant, Vivid Viola, or Raspberry is going to make you stand out in a crowd.


Go a little crazy.

Be a little dramatic.

Have a lot of fun.