First Lady Style: 10 Tips from Michelle Obama To Live By

1. Play Up Your Assets

Highlight your best features instead of obsessing over the worst. The First Lady emphasizes her enviable, toned arms in sleeveless sheathes and draws attention to her narrow waistline with side belts.



2. Choose Your Signature Pieces

Define your style wearing pieces that speak to you. The First Lady sticks too favorites like sleeveless sheathes, a double strand of pearls, headline making cardigan sweaters and belts.



3. Discover Your Defining Colors

Give black (and navy…and charcoal, etc) a break! Whether you look best in jewel tones or pastels, wearing color brightens your skin tone and can have a similar affect on your mood.



4. Get a Great Haircut

Invest in a versatile, stylish cut. Also consider the shape of your face, your eyes and cheek bones when making the change.



5. Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

Who says you have to suffer for fashion or fabulous shoes? When on the move, the First Lady chooses easy cotton sundresses or tailored trousers dressed up with a fitted jacket. For practical and chic shoes, select sleek ballet flats in patent, snakeskin or metallic or classic low pump with a kitten heel.

6. Shop Your Closet

Effortlessly mix and match key separates to create new looks. Take your distinctive marigold cardigan and wear it with a print skirt or with your bright cobalt-blue denim. Take inventory of your closet so you know what’s in there. Need help in the closet…I’m here to assist!

7. Accessorize Like a Pro

Statement jewelry can make an outfit. The First Lady adds over-sized necklaces to classic evening ensembles or fastens her favorite cardigans with a collection of costume brooches. Stick with one statement piece per outfit.

8. Reveal Your Silhouette

Fitted sheaths highlight the First Lady’s’ long, lean line, and full-skirted dresses that draw attention to her small waist. Find cuts that flatter your figure and stick with them. Need help finding those perfect silhouettes for your body type…I’m here to assist!

9. Find Your Resources

Seek out stores with an attentive staff that can do the hard work for you. Shop online with favorite retailers that you have experience with specific designers, brands, and styles.

10. Know When to WOW!

When it’s your time to shine, do it! Next time you’re in the spotlight, don’t be afraid to break from your typical look: choose a knockout number that you and everyone around will buzz about.