How Do You Define Yourself? (Video)

I came across this post on Facebook last week and wanted to share it.  The title was, "how do you define yourself”?  Lizzie Velasquez, a young woman born with a rare condition which causes her to have a hyper metabolism and keeps her from gaining any weight.  After watching this video I’m sure you were thinking the same thing as me, wow life is pretty darn good what do I have to complain about.  As I was watching the women in audience fill up with tears myself included, realizing that if a young woman like Lizzie can have such a positive outlook on life,  I have absolutely no excuses. For Lizzie, the glass has always been half full...I so admire her courage, her strength and the self love she radiates.

For some reason we can get caught in seeing all the negative at times and forget about all the positives.  I remember back in my 20's I hated my thighs.  I would do anything to get rid of those thighs.  Man, I sure wish I had those thighs now in my 50's LOL.  How many times have you been in the dressing room and thought the outfit looked amazing except that one thing...we as women can get hyper focused on our weaknesses.

I am not at all saying not to look and feel amazing in your outfit but I am saying stop defining yourself because it's not "all perfect".  Love yourself just the way you are, see your strengths, see your positives, see the way you give, see your smile, see the way you treat others, and see the glass half full as Lizzie does.

A Week of Looks From White House Black Market

White House Black Market does a really nice job with showing you how to mix and match with a few great basics and adding a pop of color.  We all love black and white but many forget to add some pattern or texture to change it up.  The skirt and jacket below are great examples of taking the many black pieces in your wardrobe and updating them in a new fun way.

Love the below-the-hip length of jacket. This style can do wonders to camouflage your midsection but keeps a nice straight line.  It's classy, can serve as a coat in many climates, and is a fresh look from the blazer.

I also love the idea of adding a LGD (little green dress) as a favorite and accessorizing with neutrals such as gold, silver,  or white come spring.  If you love your little black dress, have fun with color in the same versatile ways.   If green isn't your fav, individualize your black ensemble with a color that makes your inner sparkle, flicker.  I am excited to explore the 2014 Pantone color of the year, "Radiant Orchid".



What a great way to add texture and uniqueness to your outfit.  Choose a scarf that speaks to you in color and pattern.


A spectator with a kitten heel is so versatile. Don’t forget about a suede booties shoe, Or a great pair of boots/tights.


Are you looking for elegance, classic, dramatic, feminine? You define your style…