Five Minute Makeup (Video)

Last week we talked about having an effortless sense of style.

Effortless: showing little or no effort, easy, uncomplicated, fluent, simple, and painless.  I would say most women decide to ignore their style because they think it’s too much work, too complicated, requires too much effort and it’s much simpler to have NO STYLE.

Along with an effortless sense of style comes effortless makeup to complete your look.  I'm not saying a naked face but I am suggesting you take the time to apply makeup in an effortless way.  As we mature, it is natural for your skin to become uneven or possibly blotchy.  I believe we all need some kind of foundation.  Over the years foundation has come a long way, lots of options, and the colors are more natural than ever.  No more orange face.

I also believe in some sort of lip color whether that be lip gloss or lipstick.  I personally like lipstick as it stays on longer. You can always apply my lip gloss over top of the lipstick for that sassy sexy look.  As we mature, our lips start to become uneven, we lose our lip line, and finally one day we wake up and wonder where our lips went.  We all need lipstick!

Audrey Hepburn not only had an effortless sense of style but she also had beautiful and effortless makeup.  She took care of her skin, she applied foundation, lipstick, eyebrows and most importantly she focused on her eyes.  Her big brown eyes were a focal point on her face.

I've attached a "Five Minute Face" video from Global Makeup Artist Shawnelle Prestidge.  In the video she suggests using sunny citrus lipstick.  As a someone who has worked with makeup for the last 20 years, if an orange tone is not your color try a nice pink such as pink satin, pink passion, or  a neutral such as shell or toffee all Mary Kay lipsticks.

The following videos are fun, simple, and fabulous!  Watch all 5 Video tutorials or go to the playlist on the left corner of the screen and click  #5 - 5 Minute Face

How Do You Define Yourself? (Video)

I came across this post on Facebook last week and wanted to share it.  The title was, "how do you define yourself”?  Lizzie Velasquez, a young woman born with a rare condition which causes her to have a hyper metabolism and keeps her from gaining any weight.  After watching this video I’m sure you were thinking the same thing as me, wow life is pretty darn good what do I have to complain about.  As I was watching the women in audience fill up with tears myself included, realizing that if a young woman like Lizzie can have such a positive outlook on life,  I have absolutely no excuses. For Lizzie, the glass has always been half full...I so admire her courage, her strength and the self love she radiates.

For some reason we can get caught in seeing all the negative at times and forget about all the positives.  I remember back in my 20's I hated my thighs.  I would do anything to get rid of those thighs.  Man, I sure wish I had those thighs now in my 50's LOL.  How many times have you been in the dressing room and thought the outfit looked amazing except that one thing...we as women can get hyper focused on our weaknesses.

I am not at all saying not to look and feel amazing in your outfit but I am saying stop defining yourself because it's not "all perfect".  Love yourself just the way you are, see your strengths, see your positives, see the way you give, see your smile, see the way you treat others, and see the glass half full as Lizzie does.