How To Wear A Statement Jewelry Piece

Update Your Wardrobe Effortlessly with a Striking "Statement Necklace

A statement piece adds flair and finesse for a perfectly polished look!

Rule of Thumb: Add "one" statement necklace, earring or bracelet - never all three.

1. Statement Necklace

Wear this with a simple neckline, solid color or simple print. Layer your necklaces. Select different lengths, chunky or more delicate depending on your style. Decide upon a style that inspires you and has you saying "I Love It", I can't wait to wear it.

2. Statement Earrings

Short hair or long hair - perfect! Busy fabrics, lots of detail at the neckline, not a necklace girl - opt for statement earrings.

3. Statement Bracelet

Wear with a  a sleeveless piece, with a great necklace or earring or on its own. Try a cuff bracelet, or layer 3, 4, 5 bracelets at a time.


Have fun! Experiment with something New! Accessories are that added "finishing touch" that can make your outfit a standout.