Color Can Be Magical!

COLOR can be magical!

How many times have you been ambiguous about what to wear and you look in your closet and find that delicious sunny coral t-shirt that makes you smile and feel good all over? Or you’re out shopping and a rack of beautiful reds and burgundies catch your eye.  For an instant you think, “Wow, I love that”, while thinking oh I could never wear that and you’ve quickly move to the rack of all black.

I want you to STOP right there and start rethinking the way you look at COLOR.  Why did you say, “I can’t wear that”?  Who told you that?  There are comments made in our past by people who most likely we really never took advice from but in one moment a spontaneous statement was made and we have kept it in our mind for years….and have never let go of it.

It’s funny how we do that, isn’t it. Or maybe you had a color analysis done in 1982 and the lady told you these are your “six colors” and red and burgundy are not one of them. You took her at face value and never again tried red or burgundy.

Today, I want you to open your mind to COLOR.  COLOR can be magical.

  • Color can make you feel good

  • Color can be emotional

  • Color can bring out your personality

  • Color can attract others to you

  • Color can be creative

  • Color is inspirational

  • Color can show our feminine side

  • Color can show our masculine side

  • Color can evoke and inspiration

  • Color can stand out in a crowd

  • Color can add a spark to your life

  • Color can bring confidence

If you are one of those people who wear’s alotttttt of black, I invite you to start experimenting. Or maybe you’re just afraid of the reaction you will get by wearing more color. Whatever the reason is you need to start by taking a step into the world of color. I want you to take your favorite black pant with you shopping.  Let’s start with 2 colors.  We’re going to begin by choosing colors that compliment your eyes.  If your eyes are a blend of blue/green then those are the two colors to begin with. If your eyes are brown then I want you to try blue and purple as they are complimentary colors of brown.  If your eyes have a goldy green then you will choose a gold tone yellow and green.  If your eyes are gray, choose a blue and maybe pink.  This is your first assignment in putting to the test the world of COLOR.

As you are choosing your color pieces, you have variety of options.  You could choose a beautifulblouse that may be a solid or print. A beautiful  sweater. Or it could even be larger style statement necklace or scarf. 

Remember this is all about experimenting; you don’t have to buy it. But just try it; you might like it as Dr. Seuss did with green eggs and ham.

I am going to go back to the red and burgundy example at the start of my story, as they are Pantone’s Fall 2014, Aurora Red and Sangria.  Aurora Red and Sangria are what I would call crossover colors and that means everyone looks good in them.  They are colors we see in nature.  Would you ever say your beautiful red geraniums look terrible with the brown dirt – NO.  Would you ever say the burgundy looks very out of place in the evening sunset, heavens no.  There are a set of colors that are eyes are accustomed to seeing in nature and against many backgrounds, these are called crossover colors.

So go out there today and have fun with color. Embrace color. Give it meaning. Pair it with other color combinations and be courageous. Let your personality shine. Show a little of your feminine side. And most of all don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd because of COLOR.