3 Ways to Gain More Color Confidence

Color is an interesting subject because it can conjure up so many different meanings and feelings for individuals.

The colors you chose to wear may reflect your personality as an introvert, an extrovert...or maybe you’re trying not to be seen?

Did you grow up with a mother who loved experimenting with color whether it was with clothing or paint?

Or maybe you wore a uniform to school and you now shut down those colors?

We all have a story to tell about color.

I had a personal experience with purple. I realized nothing in my closet was purple nor was I attracted to it. As I thought more about the “why” behind the reason for not being attracted to purple, I realized that was my sister’s color growing up, my color was pink. If there is a color you’re struggling with, I encourage you to dig deeper into why you have that thought and then “attempt” to let go. Move forward with an open mind that allows you to play more and not be so bridled with color apprehension.

I find many people hesitate experimenting with color outside their box for fear of, “what if it doesn’t look good.” They decide on two or three colors that they like and don’t venture far into the creativity realm.

Through my one-on-one Color Image Consultation I am able to give you increased confidence on where to start and objective insight into why a color makes you shine.

Last week I spoke to a group of ladies about creating More Color Confidence

Here are 3 distinct avenues to explore & attain greater color inspiration:

1. Look at your own natural coloring, your hair, eyes and skin tone.

Start by having a friend describe your eye color. I guarantee that many of you will be surprised how complex your eye color can be. Take those specific colors and start experimenting with clothing colors that compliment your eye color.

For example:

Amber golden brown eyes: try a honey gold or tangerine coral color.
Hazel eyes: try a deep teal blue or emerald green.
Light green/blue eyes: try a slate blue, softened green tone or warm pink.

2. Look for inspiration in different mediums, like paintings, beautiful scarves or an outfit in a magazine.

If the color combination catches your eye, try it, experiment, you have nothing to lose.

I recently received a beautiful scarf  as a thank you gift for speaking at the Illuminating Women’s group – I fell in love with the color combination. I began playing in my closet and found I can wear it with my blue sheath dress, my favorite new emerald jacket and use as a pop of color with my white jeans. I’m excited – thank you Cecilia for handpicking this beauty in Italy. What a treat!

3 Use color as a tool to convey the message about how you want to show up in the world.

More professional, add navy, blue tones or gray. More creative, add purples and unexpected combinations such as icy blue to eggplant. Gray and chartreuse. More elegant, add burgundy or teal.

We are smack in the middle of all the vibrancy of spring and summer clothing. Indulge in a new color or new color combination. By adding one new color to your wardrobe this spring, you will have an instant update. That color could be in the form of a necklace, handbag, blouse, or jacket. I stand strong on my philosophy– make sure you can wear that new piece with at least 2-3 pieces in your current wardrobe. You will love the versatility and optimization.

My inspiration for the season is emerald, I’m loving it and can’t wait to acquire more pieces. I’m combining it with soft pink, white, black, navy, denim, icy blue and possibly some fuchsia. Wow, who knew? I also recently came home with a great big tote from target – emerald green, of course.

What is your NEW COLOR for Spring 2016? I’d love to hear how you’re playing with color and new color combinations!

Annette Bond is a Personal Image Consultant who works with the professional over 50 who feel ordinary, old or overweight. She helps them to reveal their radiance so they can become more of who they are and walk into the world with more confidence and success.

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