How To Own Your Confident Power Pose

Amy Cuddy, TED speaker, shares how to use our physiology to gain more self-confidence when we're not feeling it.

She asks the question, "Can you fake it till you make it"?  

She says, yes. As your body is feeling confident and powerful, your mind will follow. She suggests you think of the "wonder woman pose" as a start.

Enjoy the video above to learn more.

3 Tips to Help You Own Your Confident Power Pose:

1. Open Up and Occupy Space

This gives you a secret inner confidence you may be lacking

2. Watch the Body Language of Those You Admire

Powerful people tend to be more assertive, confident, and more optimistic. They also think abstract and take more risks. 

3. Be Aware of Your Body

Your physiology can change your mind and how you're feeling at the moment.

Understanding what body language does to yourself and not necessarily how it effects others is a very powerful tool to use. I learned from Tony Robbins years ago that what we are feeling or thinking starts with our physiology.  That is, what are we doing with our bodies.