How To Rediscover Jewelry

Does the subject of accessorizing with jewelry have you completely baffled or stymied? Whether it's an overwhelming jewelry box or an empty one, intimidation at the jewelry counter or lack of confidence in your decision-making, it's time to get over these common jewelry concerns.

What do I do with jewelry I already have but don't wear?

This part of your "wardrobe" needs purging and editing just like your clothes do. Most likely you have jewelry that's broken, has lost its meaning to you or doesn't suit your style.  Keep what you love, discard or donate what's broken or not working for you. Your discards would be welcomed at women's shelters, Dress for Success organization or consignments stores.

If I've already spent money on clothes, why would I want to spend money on jewelry?

Your outfits look more polished and put together when you wear jewelry.  It also add more depth, definition and interests to what you're wearing.  Jewelry expresses your style and individuality. Another plus for spending money on jewelry is that it expands your clothing investment. Adding or changing the jewelry you're wearing transforms simple, classic clothing pieces.

There's so much to choose from; how do I know what to buy?

Pay attention to three things: color, proportion and whether or not you love it. If your coloring or outfit is warm, look for warm metals and warmer shades of stones, gemstones or colored beads. If your coloring or your outfit is cool, go for cooler shades in jewelry and you'll be able to wear them all the time. This is also an opportunity to wear a "new color"  that you normally don't wear next to your face.

Look at the scale of your features and bones to understand proportion. If you're large boned, chances are larger pieces will be better on you. If you have small facial features, smaller and more delicate pieces will be better on you. Or if you're working with large scaled proportion but like delicate necklaces, try clustering multiple layers of them to create a bigger impact.

If jewelry is a weak point in your wardrobe, don't let it get the best of you. We can tackle this subject together. You'll soon experience the benefits of rediscovering jewelry.