Are You Looking For An Effortless Sense Of Style?

Effortless: showing little or no effort, easy, uncomplicated, fluent, simple, and painless.  I would say most women decide to ignore their style because they think it’s too much work, too complicated, requires too much effort and it’s much simpler to have NO STYLE.

I want us to learn from Audrey Hepburn about her “effortless sense of style”.   Audrey Hepburn was comfortable with her body.  She was a size 0 but she also had a size 10 shoe and and a 32 A cup size.  She knew what looked good on her body shape and what didn't, she knew her strengths.   Her style was an extension of her inner beauty.

Let’s take a look at her simple wardrobe in “Breakfast with Tiffany’s”.  All the must have basic pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe.

  • Little Black Dress – (LBD) – that fits your personal body type

  • Pearl Necklace – go for layers

  • Pearl Earring –pick the style that speaks to you and your face shape

  • Black Pump – goes with EVERYTHING

  • Sunglasses -  that fit your face shape

  • Gloves…instead maybe a great Black Handbag

  • Hat…if not a Hat maybe a great Scarf

Take some time to shop for these effortless pieces to add to your wardrobe.  It’s your time to create a style that is effortless, classy, painless and confident.  And before you know it you’ll be sashaying out the door every morning with the Effortless Sense of Style that Audrey Hepburn had.

 Next week we’ll discuss her hair and makeup.