Looking Young In A Larger Size

Not matter what size you are whether it's a size 2 or a size 20 you deserve to feel amazing about yourself.  You can lose weight, or gain weight; have surgeons perform anything from liposuction to mole removal. Ultimately, you'll still have to face the fact that we each get one body per lifetime.

Instead, put "appreciate my body" on your bucket list. Martha Beck suggests, offer no resistance to your body and accept it as it is "completely".  And as Oprah would say, "look at what this body has done for me" in my lifetime.  It's looking at our body with a new appreciation and self-acceptance.  Life is too short to continue to obsess what we choose not to change.

Looking young in a larger size...think of your image as a "full-length" picture. It's the complete look.  By adding the chic sunglasses, the layered chains, the fabulous handbag, the "star jacket" and a pop of color you've now created a head to toe look that's going to have every head twirling!