Men of Substance: 4 Tips for the Perfect Fitting Suit Jacket

Did you know that the jacket is the most important piece of a suit?

Did you know that a jacket gives you authority?

Did you know the 2-button jacket is the most classic style?

4 Tips for the Perfect Fit


is a MUST in a mens jacket. Guys notoriously don't care about "fit" because they want to be comfortable. They think tight clothes are feminine or in some cases have never considered the question of fit.

2. Check Your Shoulder Seam

Does your jacket shoulder seam end on your shoulder bone or does it hang over? If it hangs over, the jacket is ill fitting or you need alterations

3. Sport Coat vs. Suit Jacket

A sport coat has a looser fit than a suit jacket

4. Sleeve length of jacket

Is it shorter than your shirt? If not, it's too long.

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