Does This Look Good on Me?

Probably one of the number one questions I receive from clients about the clothing pieces they have in their closet is, “does this look good on me”?  

It’s kind of an interesting thought when you think about it. You bought the item at the time thinking it looked great, right? Or were you on an emotional high to buy something NEW? Or maybe one of the sales people told you it looked good and you believed them. And now you’re doubting yourself.  From experience, there have been times when I bought something I thought I loved, took it home and thought what was I thinking.  I usually take a little more time to discern if it is a good fit and does it really look good on me before I make my final decision to keep it. If for any reason I decide to keep the item but know I feel a little uncomfortable with the tightness around my thighs (for example)…then I probably will find myself not reaching for it. And there it sits until someone comes along and I ask, “do you think this looks good on me”?

My personal mission when working with clients is that they feel not just good but amazing in whatever they wear for the day or occasion.

I believe life is about becoming more of who we are while at the same time seeing all the good that is already there. I believe your clothing and how you show up is just one way to Reveal Your Radiance. Too many people hide behind they’re clothing or simply think clothing really doesn’t matter. Being successful is expressed in how we accept who we are and present ourselves.  I believe we need to feel our most confident self when we walk out the door every morning.

As you move toward Revealing Your Radiance in 2016…something that I can’t do for you but is a necessity, “accept your body” as it is. What I mean by that is whether you are the perfect weight or need to lose a few pounds your ample chest will still be there, you’re still five foot tall, or you still have a booty.  Likely none of those features are going to change, they are part of who you are at any weight. So I suggest you love who you are now, work with your assets and highlight what gives you the most confidence.

To start off 2016 here are a few simple guidelines to help you accept your body as it is and help discern does this look good on me?

1. Accept Your Body! 

2. Verbalize what body parts you feel most confident about!

3. REVEAL YOUR RADIANCE and Be Confident!

Ample Chest: hello waist!

  • When was the last time you were fitted for the correct bra size? Unbelievable on how your girls can look in the correct bra size underneath a beautiful blouse. Most women are wearing their bra too low and it cuts into their defined waist.

  • Check out this this simple video to determine your correct bra size.

  • Are you an hour-glass figure and didn’t know it? If your waist measures around 9”-13” smaller than your hips or bust, that’s considered an hour-glass shape.

  • Try cinching it in, clothing that show off your waist.

  • V-necks, wrap dresses, ¾ sleeve length, and fitted jackets are your best friends.

Tiny Bosom: you can wear anything without feeling risqué!

  • The opposite of the ample chest but you can feel you have similar issues. Maybe it’s time to get a new bra with some added shape.

  • Show off your neck and shoulders. Try a deep V neckline.

  • Add texture in your fabric or heavy –knit styles to your tops to add fullness which also can balance out your bottom half.

Cankles: no one notices, unless you point it out!

  • Ditch the habit of hiding under wide leg pants.

  • Try heels or flats with a low cut vamp – elongates your foot.

  • Match your hosiery and shoe color.

  • Stacked heel vs stilettos.

  • Keep your hems above the knee cap to show off the most defined part of the leg…just below your knee.

Big Booty: own your ample derriere`!

  • Don’t mask it. Trying to hide your butt with oversize pieces can make you look wider everywhere else.

  • Dresses with cinched waists.

  • Body-con style dresses that hold you in place and stretch with your curves.

Pancake Butt: you can rock the boosting powers of stretch fabrics!

  • Have you tried a Jumpsuits? They are perfect for you. Cinched waist, loose fitting top with bottom skimming qualities.

  • Put the focus on waist definition. This will take the focus off your bum. Look for darts around the stomach area in dresses or shirts.

  • Heavy texture or thick fabrics for butt boosting.

Little Me: heels are your best friend!

  • You can go with a shorter hem length – keep it at or above the knee or if you’ve got spunk go for the mini.

  • Patterns – you can pull them off but keep them on the smaller scale.

  • Jeans – try a wider leg or boot cut style while wearing a higher shoe without fulling exposing your footwear.

  • Statement necklaces move the eye up but keep them in proportion to your size (including your face shape).

Curvy Girl: you don’t have to be skinny to feel sophisticated, put-together and yes, sexy.

  • Look for pieces that can be adjusted to your own figure like wrap dresses and belted coats vs. shapeless pieces.

  • Make color and patterns work for you. Attract attention to your most confident areas. While dark hues will downplay problem areas.

What I have discovered when working with ladies of various shapes and sizes is that whether you wear a size 2 or 22 we all have issues that we are confronted with.

1. Accept your body!

2. Verbalize what body parts you feel most confident about!

3. REVEAL YOUR RADIANCE and Be Confident!

Annette Bond is a Personal Image Consultant who works with professional men and women over 50 who feel ordinary, old or overweight. She helps them to reveal their radiance so they can become more of who they are and walk into the world with more confidence and success.

Programs offered:

  1. Reveal Your Radiance Signature Program
    A 6-step all-inclusive program that includes style assessment, color consultation, closet makeover, personal shopping, makeup and hair consultation.

Are you in a place that you know a transformation is essential to stay current and relevant in how you are presenting yourself to the world both professionally and personally? Are you a professional who is great at what you do, but not in the style department?  Do you need to start from the ground up – from knowing what silhouettes, styles and colors look good on you to organizing your closet more effectively? Desiring the end result to be a successful wardrobe that is timeless yet up to date, combined with pizzazz but still simple to mix and match

2. Re-imagined Wardrobe
A 3-step program that turns your boring closet into a completely Re-imagined Wardrobe with 25 NEW Outfits…Guaranteed!

Are you frustrated each morning when you have to get dressed because your clothes are tired and lack pizzazz?  Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of in your closet? Do you have some great pieces but need help with mixing and matching the clothes you already have in your closet?

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