Imagine up-leveling your life and finishing 2017 energized and excited as you create a lifestyle that makes you come ALIVE!

The Urban Dictionary defines “Up-Level” as

  • Having greater capabilities.
  • Transform and grow in an area previously stagnant.
  • Inspired strategic action creating greater capabilities.

Do you have a personal style "rulebook" that says…

  • I’m not always sure what styles are appropriate for my age though I still want to look current and stylish
  • It’s a struggle finding pieces that flatter my body type and look good on me
  • There’s no point in stepping up my style game until I lose weight or get I better shape?

Do you have a “rulebook” for a successful life that says in mid-life…

  • Passion and purpose is reserved for the wealthy, healthy and lucky?
  • It’s too late, I’m too old, feeling pressure and overwhelm is normal—after all, you’re responsible?
  • Security trumps happiness as you proudly wear stress as a badge of honor?

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” ~Karen Lamb

Join Annette Bond and Laurie Nichols in this interactive workshop as they share their STRATEGIES, SECRETS, and EXPERTISE to Up-leveling life with

Passion, Purpose and Style!

Saturday, October 14th | 10am-4pm | Mercer Island Community Center


Your Style Up-level takeaways:

  • Do you need to feel more confident, less frumpy? Rewrite your style rulebook… What will you move away from and move toward to create a dynamic, powerful and put-together wardrobe that allows you to reveal and embrace the best of who you are NOW.
  • Discover how to purposefully use clothing styles, colors, patterns and textures to align and elevate how you want to show up and be seen. Learn how to step into your “ideal image.”
  • Are you settling for OK? Identify the missing unique “standout pieces” that will take your tired wardrobe to, “I can’t wait to get dressed” feeling.
  • Get inspired by a mini fashion show from area boutiques.

Your Passion & Purpose Up-level takeaways:

  • Do you need more fun in your life? Richer fuller relationships? More meaning and purpose in your career? Commitment to your own self care? Learn how engaged energy plays a vital role in experiencing passion and purpose in all these areas.
  • Create an inspiring new vision to up-level in the one area of your life where you will experience the greatest impact.
  • Pinpoint your #1 energy drain blocking you from feeling your best AND believing something new is possible. You’ll hone in on when to say, “Heck yes!” and when to say, “Heck no!” so that you invest your energy in what you want more of in your life.
  • Use the Values in Action Energy Worksheet to connect your most heart-felt values with action steps and identify your #1 focus for your 90 Day Success Plan and daily success ritual.



Are you ready to up-level your personal style with a strategy that’s infused with purpose?

  • Radiate more style confidence at your current age, shape or size.
  • Understand what clothing styles will elevate and express your personalstyle NOW.
  • Say “yes” to shopping with a new set of style rules that are fun, purposeful and reflect the authentic YOU.

Are you ready to stop hitting the snooze button and up-level your energy and passion for life, NOW?

  • Turn off autopilot and discover what makes you come alive NOW.
  • Say, “Heck no” to “good enough”—create space for more of what makes you feel lit up and happy.
  • Say “Heck yes” to creating momentum and finishing the year with intention, passion and purpose.




Annette Bond works with professional women who desire to Elevate and Express their Personal Style. She helps her clients reveal and embrace the best of who they are NOW, so they can walk into the world with elevated confidence and success. Annette is a Certified Personal Image Consultant AICI CIC, More Alive With Color, and Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator.


Laurie Nichols guides professional women to reimagine their lives so that they stop settlingand light the spark they need to create a more purposeful, rewarding path for the next and best stage of life. What lights her up about this work? She’s been there! She pushed through the fear to reimagine her life and career and loves helping others do the same as a Certified Professional Coach.

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