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10 Wardrobe Pieces that Transform into 15-20 NEW Outfits

Are you a Professional woman who has some great pieces but just needs to take it up a notch or Fine tune what’s already working?

Need some help in optimizing what you already have?

Have some great pieces, but not sure they look great on you? Need an expert opinion?

Do you need guidance and direction in taking your image to the next level? Not sure where to begin?

Need to fill in the missing gaps with shopping and want the assurance you've nailed your look?

The Perfect 10 is for the woman who is:

  • Busy, hates to shop

  • Has some great pieces in her closet

  • Needs to fine tune what’s working, what’s not working

  • Needs help filling in the gaps

  • Done-for-you program

Find out what Style reflects YOU! Take the style quiz now!

Step 1 – Style Discovery

Module 1 – Discovering Your “Definitive Style Code.”    

· To be comfortable and confident, you need clothes that feel like you

· When you dress with your essence and intention in mind, your wardrobe feels authentic and supports your empowered self, goals and desires

· Using your clothing as a tool to support you in business to attract a higher end client or making sure your dress is speaking trustworthy, organized, quality, etc.

Step 2 – Outward Appearance

Module 2 - More Alive with Color Consultation / Body Type

· Understand what colors and styles flatter you, define your Signature colors and discover fresh new color combinations

· We’ll work with your Top 20-30 pieces that you love and fit you well

Step 3 – The Power of 10

Module 3 - Shopping Excursion

· Annette will pre-shop and have clothing pieces in the dressing room ready to try on

· Providing the ultimate efficient shopping experience

· What was once an over-whelming and energy draining experience becomes impactful and fun


Module 4 – Virtual Closet

· 15-20 newly styled outfits uploaded to your Virtual Closet app that you can view on your phone 24/7

· You’ll discover when you have the “right pieces” you naturally double your outfit options

Module 5 – Post-Virtual Style Coaching call - 30 minute consultation


Are you in a style rut?

Are you feeling stuck and not sure where to begin?

Do you wonder what colors and styles flatter you?

Are you always trying to find the “right pant” to fit your body type?

Are you a simple kind of gal looking for a streamlined wardrobe that mixes and matches easily?

Ready to STOP wasting your mental energy trying to figure out what to wear every day?

Are you wasting valuable time wandering the stores and still feeling over-whelmed?

Are you getting older, feeling a little frumpy and need a wardrobe refresh?

 If you answered YES to any one of the above questions, your style confidence may be subconsciously starting to affect your work. You’re not feeling good about you. Let’s begin the conversation on how I can help you show up as your “BEST Self.”

 The Perfect 10

10 Wardrobe Pieces that Transform into 15-20 NEW Outfits / Done-for-You Program

Investment Includes Virtual pre-work; One-on-one Color Consult; VIP Shopping Excursion; Post-Virtual Style Coaching Call

(*Program is Tax Deductible under Professional Services/Coaching)


My promise to you: 100% Committed to work with you to reveal your radiance so that style confidence is Achieved!