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10 Wardrobe Pieces that Transform into 15-20 NEW Outfits

Are you an accomplished professional woman who has some great pieces but just needs to take it up a notch?

Need some help in optimizing what you already have?

Have some great pieces, but not sure they look great on you? Need an expert opinion?

Do you need guidance and direction in taking your image to the next level? Not sure where to begin?

Need to fill in the missing gaps with shopping and want the assurance you've nailed your look?

The Perfect 10 is perfect for the woman who is busy, has some great pieces in her closet but desires a stylists to to take her wardrobe to the next level.  We'll access your personal coloring, body type, unique style and put-together some great new outfits, Resulting in an Elevated Image!

Starting at $2495.00


Find out what Style reflects YOU! Take the style quiz now!

Step 1 ~ Style Discovery

  • I pride myself on "getting you."

  • Determine your Definitive Style Code: encompassing how you want to show up and be seen.

  • Learn how your clothing can support your goals and desires, increase confidence and feel comfortable in your skin.

Step 2 ~ Outward Appearance

  • More Alive with Color training to discover your signature colors, creating harmony with your body's natural coloring.

  • Understand what specific styles and silhouettes flatter your body type.

  • What do you have in your closet that is already working? We'll identify what core pieces are missing to better mix and match, creating an expanded wardrobe.

Step 3 ~ Radiant YOU

  • Peace of mind that you you're on the right track, A wardrobe that is comfortable, energizing and elevated.

  • 10+ pre-styled outfits, ready in a moment's notice via your personal Online Lookbook

  • And, without a doubt, know you look impeccably "put together" and standout as a leader in your field.

Your Style makes a statement. What's your style type? 


My promise to you: 100% Committed to work with you to reveal your radiance so that style confidence is Achieved through my step-by-step signature program.