What is Definitive Style?

Definitive Style by Annette Bond 

Was born out of 25 years of working with women to celebrate their beauty within. I believe we as women are never 100% comfortable with who we are on the outside. My purpose is to help you bring your inspirations, your uniqueness, and your confidence from the inside and create a personal style that speaks to who you are….your Definitive Style.

Are you willing to let your Definitive Style shine through?

Some of you have that creativity just dying to get out and be expressed in your dress. I love learning what makes you tick and what you want to tell the world. I get to help you organize your shopping desires and keep you on track with your creative impulses.

There are others who put off shopping as long as you can until you absolutely positively see a need. The thought of putting an outfit together in a different sort of way doesn’t even register on your wardrobe radar. Because of you I get to share my gift of teaching and inspiration.

I love you both.

As Edna Woolman Chase quotes… Fashion can be bought.  But Style one must possess.

A stylish woman only buys what she likes and what makes her feel fabulous.

A stylish woman invests in the basics and timeless pieces.

A stylish woman goes for an over-the-top decadent item. If she loves it, she takes it home.

A stylish woman respects herself.

A stylish woman is confident from the inside out.

A stylish woman is not about the money. She wears her “Mah-velous Marshalls©” dress the same way she wears her diamond earrings.

Fashion fades, style is eternal.

Coco Chanel

I hope you’ll take this journey with me on discovering your Definitive Style – whether you find it to be confidence, respect, fabulous, going from vanilla to raspberry swirl in your style choices, or just stepping into your genuine natural beauty that’s been hidden for years.

Definitive Style by Annette Bond

Embrace your Beauty. Live with Confidence.