How To Discover Your Personal Style

To help you discover your personal style, you need to know what inspires you

what colors you love, what images are you drawn to, do you love nature, movies, or celebrity icons? The idea is not to think just about fashion, but to collect ideas from everywhere and everything that inspires you.

Create an "Inspiration Board"

It will encourage you to think in Stylish and visual ways.

Ask yourself, "What do I like? What kinds of clothes, accessories, and colors appeal to me?" It doesn't matter what you think others will like, or what you think you're expected to think. What do you really like?

So when do you know when something is right? You feel it in your gut.

Next, what is it you want to tell the world about your style - what is your story?

Classic, beautiful, tailored, edgy, fashion forward, glamorous, creative, sophisticated, stylish, trendy, powerful, polished - the list goes on. Start by selecting 3 words that define you.

Confidence and knowing what's right for you is 95 percent of personal Style.