Sexy Valentine Red

Red lips, Red dress, Red jacket, Red pant, Red top...or are you a "heart" person?

When you think of Valentines Day what do you think of?  I'm a Red girl.  In all my years of working with color Red is one of those colors that women love but don't always have the confidence to wear.   Part of what I love about Red is the creative energy that comes with it.  Those who wear Red have a zest for life, you are high profile and a mover and a shaker.

The key works associated with Red are winner, achiever, intense, impulsive, active, competitive, daring, aggressive. Red is a force to be reckoned with and is always up for adventure. Quoted by Leatrice Eiseman author of More Alive With Color.

Or are you more of a quiet person and prefer not to be noticed? Maybe a softer, quieter version of Red is for you...Pink.  Pink is associated with romance, sweetness, delicacy, refinement, and tenderness.  Pink people are interested in the world around them, but they don't throw themselves into participating with the eagerness of the red person.  While red is assertive, pink is gentle.

Valentines Day is around the corner and may I encourage you to go try a little Red, maybe it's just a pair of earrings or a handbag or maybe you're going full in with the Little Red Dress - whatever it is, have FUN, enjoy the spotlight of being noticed, and embrace the courage that is within you to step out and enjoy the zeal for life!!

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