Is Your Wardrobe in a Style Rut?

When you hear the word “personal style” do you check out because you think you don’t have one and it feels overwhelming to figure out how you’d even create one?

Do you buy things at the store only to bring it home and never actually wear it? (money down the tube again).

Are you perplexed trying to mix and match an outfit?

Do you end up wearing the same 5 outfits over and over because they feel safe?

Are you confused what styles flatter your body type?

Are you feeling frumpy and insecure but not sure where to begin?

Do you leave the house feeling NOT put-together but go to work anyways and end up having-a-not so good day?

Are you wasting mental energy trying to figure out what to wear every time you have an important event or meeting?


Do you stand in front of your closet ready to pull your hair out…..wondering if you even have ONE outfit that would make you feel beautiful, Youthful and even maybe sexy?


Too many pieces and not sure how to mix and match?


Having a closet filled with pieces that reflect your unique style all while ELEVATING YOUR IMAGE…

  • A closet full of mix and match outfits that speak to the real you that fit you impeccably

  • Then, picture yourself feeling like a million bucks every time you get dressed.

  • Wouldn’t it be great to walk out the door feeling put-together and polished so that you can forget about what you’re wearing and go do what you do best

Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy


The Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy……the perfect wardrobe for the real you

Step-by-step style plan for your casual or work wardrobe that eliminates the guess work: what to wear, how to wear it, how to shop

A Program Designed for the Woman Who Wants to Understand and Discover:

  1. Your unique personal style, beginning with the real you

  2. How to use your dress as a powerful business tool

  3. Learn how-to refresh and update existing pieces in your closet

  4. Resolve what styles and colors flatter the real you

  5. Access the secret to shopping like a stylist

  6. A closet full of elevated put-together outfits you love


I’m on a mission to help every day women who have put themselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to style. Your style is a representation of your personal essence - and it deserves to shine because it’s a reflection of who you truly are. This newer, shinier version of your will pay you dividends in business and in your personal relationships because of how you’ll be showing up as your very best self.

Women with style and grace who light up a boardroom are just ordinary women…… who have learned to Own the Power of their Beauty (at any age) and learned to Reveal that Radiance to the world in a consistent way. That’s personal style at it’s best!

The Style Academy is designed to take you on an 8-week journey of style transformation. With the guidance and mentoring of Annette Bond, professional image consultant (AICI CIC), certified color consultant with More Alive with Color and licensed Fashion Feng Shui facilitator.

This is an interactive, hands on group approach. I’ll be there right by your side.

I am delighted and excited to share my 35 years of working with women. You’ll also receive the benefits of my professional and personal development training aiming to be a woman of excellence. Working with women is my happy place!

I’ve been told by a friend that I remind her of a Fairy Godmother… here to inspire, employ my magic touch of refining, mentor you from good to excellent, and guide you to reveal the beautiful woman that you are.


The Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy is a step-by-step plan that eliminates all the guess work of what to wear, how to wear it, and how to shop creating the perfect wardrobe for the real you.

Class will be every Tuesday @ 4pm PST for 8 weeks where we’ll meet as a group virtually to interact and review your style exercises, questions and concerns making sure you’re on the right track. All sessions will be recorded.

A private Facebook group will be provided to communicate and collaborate throughout the week. You’ll be able to send pictures to receive my personal feedback. Annette will be in the Facebook group to mentor and answer questions. You’ll not only have my support and mentoring but a community of woman cheering you on to show up as your BEST SELF.

The process will mirror the Reveal Your Radiance Signature Program that I created 5 years ago for my one-on-one clients. (click the program name above and it will take you to the link)

I’m over the top excited to be offering you this program and taking you on the Reveal Your Radiance journey. Giving you the lifetime tools to transform into an Elevated, Put-together and Confident woman.

An opportunity for you to shine brighter and show up in the world with greater style confidence. That LIGHTS ME UP!


MODULE #1 Style Discovery

Style begins with You, not the clothes. My unique style philosophy.

The process will begin by understanding:

  • How-to dress authentically (essence), feeling so comfortable you forget about what you’re wearing ~ finding your unique personal style

  • Utilizing the Fashion Feng Shui style system

  • Defining your Definitive Style Code


Style Discovery

MODULE #2 Intention, Dressing with Purpose

  • Clothes that visually affirm your goals support you to naturally attract them into your life

  • What is the message you want to convey with your potential client?

  • Is your clothing conveying that message?

MODULE #3 Outward Appearance

  • Body Type - what styles flatter your unique body type

  • Makeup Lesson - have you been wearing your makeup the same way for the last 10 yrs

body type.PNG

MODULE #4 More Alive with Color

  • What colors bring out your natural coloring and allow you to shine brighter

  • Define your signature colors

  • Psychology of color, what is color saying non-verbally

  • Create NEW color combinations


More Alive with Color

Sunrise, Sunset, Sunlight

MODULE #5 The Closet, Your Personal Boutique

  • What are the pieces you love

  • Have pieces you love, but don’t know how to mix and match

  • Identify the missing gaps

  • Learn to Style NEW outfits with pieces you already own

Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy

Your Personal Boutique

MODULE #6 Pre-shopping List

  • Do you have the must have pieces

  • Reveal my secret sauce to shopping like a stylist

  • Are you missing the right shoes and accessories to create a put-together look

Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy

The Right Pieces



Shoes, Scarves, Necklaces, Rings, Handbags

MODULE #7 Reveal Your Radiance

  • Creating your perfect wardrobe

  • Newly style outfits

  • Own the Power of Your Beauty


One Dress

Eight Looks

MODULE #8 Virtual Closet

  • Access to online virtual closet

  • Upload your styled outfits to view in a moment’s notice


Virtual Closet

Via your phone

Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy

Reveal Your Radiance

The Perfect Wardrobe

for the Real You

This is for you IF:

  • You’re tired of trying to figure it all out

  • You know it’s YOUR TIME and you’re ready to make a change

  • You spend a lot of time trying to find the right look and still feel like you have nothing to wear

  • You’re ready to receive the advice of a professional and stop struggling on your own

This is NOT for you IF:

  • You’re Not open to seeing yourself in a new way and Revealing Your Radiance

  • You’re not willing to try new things and step outside your comfort zone

  • You’re already a fashionista whose got it together and doesn’t value a professional opinion

Included in your Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy Program

  • Tuesday calls to go over 8 weekly style lessons / all sessions recorded for future access

  • Private Facebook group to communicate and collaborate daily

  • More Alive With Color Wheel

  • Virtual closet app via phone

  • Bonus lessons: Eyeglass frames / Non-verbal image

Invest in YOU. A style system that will serve you for a lifetime.

My wardrobe needs help, I need help. The Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy feels like a great fit, Sign Me Up!!

Class begins LIVE Tuesday, March 12, 2019 @ 4pmPST

8 Weeks, LIVE every Tuesday @ 4pmPST

Investment: $1295

$200 off register by March 6th / $1095

Refer a girlfriend or invite her to join you and receive $100 Thank You!

100% Guaranteed or money back!

Payment Plan Available $699 February & March