Do you question what colors look good on you?

Do you feel like you’re fading away as you age & realize you need more color?

Do you have a wardrobe that has too much black?

The More Alive With Color Master Class was created to give you the color confidence you need for shopping, mixing and matching your wardrobe, avoiding color buying mistakes, and maximizing your current wardrobe by knowing what colors are your BEST colors.

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

The More Alive With Color Master Class was designed to help you:

  • Create a wardrobe that mixes and matches more easily
  • Go from 10 outfits to 20 outfits by adding one new color
  • Maximize your wardrobe with minimal spending
  • Utilize your clothing to feel more powerful, creative, or dynamic
  • Know what colors speak integrity, trust, or fun
  • Creative color inspiration with goof-proof combinations without being BetseyJohnson-like.

You may be one who feels pretty confident about color but know there’s more to learn. Or maybe you’re brand new to adding color to your wardrobe and need an expert to guide you. You're in the right place. I’m here to help you elevate your Color confidence and learn how to express your personal style with Color whether you’re a novice or beginner.

In this More Alive With Color Master Class you will walk away with tools knowing:

  • Your personal Signature Colors
  • Goof-proof color combinations to freshen up your wardrobe
  • What colors are NOT good on you
  • How to use color to enhance your natural coloring
  • Create a cohesive mix-and- match wardrobe with 3 colors
  • Learn to use the personality of color to elevate and express your personal style
  • Utilize the “Color Clock System®” in conjunction with Leatrice Eiseman’s book More Alive with Color ®

*Includes More Alive With Color Fanguide


Investment: $249


As a certified personal image consultant I am passionate about helping professional business women transform into their most confident, stylish and put-together self.