3-Step Signature Program to Elevate Your Image

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Are you an Accomplished Woman Who Fantasizes about having a dream wardrobe?

Do you want to move away from the self-doubt and confusion of trying to figure out the "mystery of style?"
Know that your style matters but not sure how to use your dress for greater influence?
Wondering how your image is being perceived? But know it needs to be impactful?
Do you struggle with your body type and what colors are best for you?  
Are you spending way too much mental energy trying to figure out what to wear?

3-Step Signature Program

Imagine having a personal style coach for the next 90-days. I'm here to lead, guide and inspire you to Elevate Your Image while revealing the best of who you are Now.  I will take you through a step-by-step transformational process to reveal your radiance so that Style Confidence is achieved. While giving you world-class support every step of the way. 

Step 1 ~ Style Discovery

  • I pride myself on "getting you."
  • Who you are at the core will be the single most important thread of our work together. 
  • Determine your Definitive Style Code: encompassing how you want to show up and be seen. 
  • Knowledge-packed teaching on how your clothing can support your goals and desires, increase confidence and feel comfortable in your skin. 

Step 2 ~ Outward Appearance

  • More Alive with Color training to discover your signature colors...creating harmony with your body's natural coloring.
  • Understand what specific styles and silhouettes flatter your body type. 
  • Hair consultation from the best, step-by-step makeup lesson, and eyeglass frames. 
  • Shopping made fun and effortless.  Knowing what stores and designers cater to your body type and style. 
  • A definitive approach in the dressing room - we only choose pieces that you LOVE. Clothing pieces that are aligned with your Definitive Style Code, Intentions, Color Palette, and Body Type. 

Step 3 ~ Radiant YOU

  • Peace of mind that that you have a closet full of clothes that are aligned with the real you, revealing your radiance,
  • We'll invest time up front creating pre-styled outfits that function for your work lifestyle. Avoiding pre-work stress.
  • Reaching into your closet and pulling out a pre-styled outfit can feel like a superpower. 
  • And, without a doubt, know you look impeccably "put together" and standout as a leader in your field.
  • #2 Shopping Excursion to add accessories, bags and pieces that we didn't find the first time around.
  • #2 Closet Session to add new purchased pieces, create additional pre-styled outfits to give you the assurance you've got it right.
  • Style Confident wardrobe that is comfortable, energizing and elevated. 
  • Your personal image + likability. How non-verbal communication affects your image.
  • Unlimited access to Annette through-out the 90-day program. 

Your Style Makes a Statement. Make it Definitive.


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my promise to you: 100% Committed to work with you to reveal your radiance so that style confidence is acheived through my step-by-step signature program.