Become a Woman of Definitive Style and Reveal Your Radiance.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Personal Style With a strategy that's infused with purpose?

Radiate more style confidence at your current age, shape or size?

Understand what clothing styles will elevate and express your personal style NOW?

Say "yes" to shopping with a new set of style rules that are fun, purposeful and reflect the authentic you?

What is Fashion Feng Shui:
Dressing Your Whole Self from the Inside-Out

You are the sum of your parts – spirit, mind, and body. When you address every aspect of yourself – spiritual, mental and physical you are able to create a wardrobe that is fulfilling, flattering and functional.

Fashion Feng Shui Transformation Triad

Fashion Feng Shui Transformation Triad

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions,
this workshop was made for you!

  • Would you love to have a wardrobe that is authentically aligned with how you
    want to show up and be seen?
  • A wardrobe that gives you confidence to the core?
  • A wardrobe that brings you compliments and joy?
  • A wardrobe that is comfortable?
  • A wardrobe that is aligned and supports your current goals and desires?
  • A wardrobe that completes you?



Become a Woman of Definitive Style and Reveal Your Radiance.  

Saturday, June 2, 2018 | 10am-3:30pm
Early Bird Pricing $295 or $349 after May 25th


 Includes lunch, workbook, More Alive with Color™ mini-consult & fanguide ,
& 30 minute one-on-one post workshop consultation





By consciously honoring your essence in your clothing choices, you communicate your authentic self to others. Self-confidence requires authenticity. Your essence aligns with your core values and innate traits. Who are you – what makes you tick. What is most important to you? Are your values being expressed in your life?



Defines your ideal self – who would you be if there were no limits? When you dress with purpose, your clothes is supporting and serving you in life. By dressing with design elements that align with your hopes and dreams you naturally magnetize your appearance and attract these desires into your life.



Your appearance aligns with your body’s natural coloring and body shape. When the energy of your clothing is in harmony with your physical self, your clothing naturally flatters and communicates confidence. Conscious clothing choices radiate an attractive presence while communicating a personal harmony.

How-to dress with style, confidence and ease without having to worry about age, shape or size!

  • By understanding your FFS Triad you will begin to understand what colors, styles, shapes, and design elements are in perfect harmony with the real you. Why you are attracted to certain styles more than others. 
  • Learn how to incorporate your essence into every outfit so others capture your authentic-ness which ultimately communicates confidence.
  • Discover your ideal self and how you want to show up in the world and what does that look like in your clothing choices.
  • How to attract your dreams and desires into your life with what you wear.
  • A personalized More Alive With Color consultation – discover your Colortime Palette™
  • Understand what styles flatter your body type.
  • Learn how to shop with ease and purpose – what to say yes to and what to say no to.
  • How to feel comfortable and confident every time you get dressed.
  • And finally, leave with a vision to “Reveal Your Radiance" while building your dream wardrobe that exudes Confidence to the Core. 


What I found most beneficial from the Fashion Feng Shui Workshop was how to mirror my personal coloring and learning about my personal Colortime palette.
— Anita M.
Understanding my essence - really thought provoking. I’m excited to be more intentional about what I wear when I’m “out in the world”. I’m going to add some fire!
— Laurie N.



Annette Bond works with professional women who desire to Elevate and Express their Personal Style. She helps her clients reveal and embrace the best of who they are NOW, so they can walk into the world with elevated confidence and success. Annette is a Certified Personal Image Consultant AICI CIC, More Alive With Color, and Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator.


Become a Woman of Definitive Style and Reveal Your Radiance.  

Saturday, June 2nd 2018 | 10am-3:30pm
Early Bird Pricing $295 or $349 after May 25th

 Includes lunch, workbook, More Alive with Color™ consult & fanguide ,
& 30 minute one-on-one post workshop consultation